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Feimei Flooring is a brand under the German Iger Flooring Co., Ltd. The company is mainly based on Flying Beauty, providing consumers with a wide range of products and services. How is Feimei floor ? I believe that people who are interested in Feimei floor can take a look and will definitely benefit you!

Feimei Flooring currently has more than 100 exclusive stores in the homes of the major cities in the country, such as Red Star Macalon and other high-end home stores. It also has direct sales branches in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing. And a number of large-scale experience hall for consumers to come better and more convenient services.

Feimei-Global Flooring Group covers four flooring brands: Germany Aeger Flooring, Austrian Dior Flooring, Reggar Ron's three-tier solid wood flooring, Malaysia BKB Flooring, and many other ancillary products tailored to different specialty products. Based on the global distribution of rare wood resources and the aesthetic standards of home furnishing around the world, Fairchild selects timber from all over the world and designs products based on the different home and cultural aesthetics in Europe, Southeast Asia and China to meet the increasing diversity of Chinese consumers. Internationalized personality needs.

Feimei floor brand introduction - Hacker

Southeast Asia is one of the most important regions in the world for the production of valuable timber. The texture and color of wood is more in line with Asian aesthetic requirements. Originating in Malaysia, BKB's flooring is mainly made from local luxury hardwood wood in Southeast Asia. European product design is the essence of BKB's flooring products. The natural texture is at your fingertips, the tone is pure and not monotonous, the texture is simple and not dreary, the style is noble and not show off......

Feimei floor brand introduction - Dili

After 55 years of development, Diro has become Austria's most distinctive manufacturer of natural wood flooring and represents the highest level of production in Europe! Tiro only selects the highest grade wood and designs and manufactures products in accordance with the high standards of natural wood properties and human health lifestyle. Di Luo floor is a new development direction of luxury products, the use of advanced processing technology, simple form of expression, so that the noble quality of natural wood flow naturally, without being destroyed by the later complex carving.


Feimei floor brand introduction - EGGER

EGGER, headquartered in St. Johann in Tirol, Austria, is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of wood panels and flooring. For 48 years of development, EGGER has become a global company in Austria, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Romania have 16 production plants and employ 5,500 people. The annual sales of modern flooring factories in Weizma and Brilon in Germany have reached 80 million square meters. The famous German home designer Mr. Monhoff has been the chief product designer and led the team of designers to lead the home design trends in Europe and the world. AEG obtains fresh wood as a raw material from the natural coniferous fast-growing forests of the Alps, and uses its innovative, cutting-edge industry technology to limit the formaldehyde emission of products to zero. At present, EGGER flooring has become synonymous with environmental protection and high quality products in the global market.

Feimei floor brand introduction - Ron

Reggar Ron's flooring inherits the roots of a hundred years of German culture. It designs products according to German top design concepts and modern style requirements. It adopts "all-song" and "net aldehyde" technologies to ensure high-quality raw materials and environmental protection standards; Germany's original imported equipment, Strict European production standards and technical processes ensure the precision and high quality of product processing.


Reggar Ron's floor has been carefully screened to select the best quality fresh pine wood from around the world. The craftsmanship is embossed, hand-sculpted, roasted and embossed, and other fine handmade craftsmanship. The texture is solid and the touch surface has a good texture. Hardwood's thick and blended with the raw materials of the original rough style of bold unrestrained style. The different colors, textures, etc. of the various series of floors reveal a fashionable, modern and classical style. The greatest charm of Reggar Ron is that it integrates the most modern technology of Europe to bring you eternal quality and original beauty. It is the perfect embodiment of nature and technology.

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