Pump installation points and common fault analysis and treatment methods

1. Pump installation points

The installation position of the water pump should meet the requirements of allowing the vacuum height to be sucked. The foundation must be level and stable to ensure that the direction of rotation of the power machine is consistent with the direction of rotation of the pump. When the pump and the power machine are connected by a shaft, the shaft center should be on the same line to prevent vibration and single-sided wear of the unit when the unit is running. If the belt is driven, the shafts should be parallel to each other and the belt wheel should be aligned. If there are multiple units in the same equipment room, there should be a distance of more than 800mm between the unit and the unit. The suction pipe of the pump must be well sealed, and the elbow and gate valve should be minimized. When the water is filled, the air should be exhausted. During the operation, the air should not accumulate in the pipe. The suction pipe should be slightly inclined to connect with the water inlet of the pump. The inlet should be fixed. The depth of the drowning. The reserved holes on the foundation of the pump should be cast according to the size of the pump.

2. Pump common fault analysis and treatment method

Different types of pumps have different manifestations of faults, but in summary, there are several common features.

(1) Insufficient flow

Causes: The pump flow is insufficient. The suction pipe leaks and the bottom valve leaks; the water inlet is blocked; the bottom valve has insufficient water depth; the pump speed is too low; the seal ring or impeller wears too much; the water absorption height exceeds the standard.

Treatment method: check the suction pipe and the bottom valve to block the air leakage source; clean the sludge or blockage at the water inlet; the depth of the bottom valve must be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the inlet pipe, increase the depth of the bottom valve; check the power supply. Voltage,

Increase the pump speed, replace the seal ring or impeller; lower the pump installation position, or replace the high lift pump.

(2) Power consumption is too large

Cause: The pump speed is too high; the pump spindle is bent or the pump spindle is not concentric or parallel with the motor shaft; the pump head is not suitable; the pump sucks in sediment or has a blockage; the motor ball bearing is damaged.

Treatment method: check the circuit voltage, reduce the pump speed; correct the water pump spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump and the motor; select the pump with the appropriate head; clean the sediment or blockage; replace the ball bearing of the motor.

(3) The pump body vibrates or produces noise

Cause: The pump is not installed securely or the pump is installed too high; the motor ball bearing is damaged; the pump shaft is bent or not concentric with the motor shaft, and is not parallel.

Treatment method: install the pump or reduce the installation height of the pump; replace the motor ball bearing; correct the curved water pump spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump and the motor.

(4) The drive shaft or motor bearing is overheated

Cause: Lack of lubricating oil or broken bearings.

Treatment: Fill with oil or replace the bearing.

(5) The pump does not produce water

Cause: The pump body and the suction pipe are not filled with water; the moving water level is lower than the water pump water pipe; the water pipe is broken.

Treatment method: Eliminate the bottom valve failure, fill the water; reduce the installation position of the water pump, make the water filter water under the moving water level, or wait for the water level to rise to the filter water pipe and pump again; repair or replace the suction pipe.

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Label: Pump installation points and common fault analysis and treatment methods

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