PTFE Re-Usable Non-Stick Oven Liner

Model NO.: KC002
Origin: China
HS Code: 39209910
What is removable kitchen liner ?

Removable kitchen liner is made of fine fiberglass fabric, coated with PTFE. These liners have been specially designed to help keep your oven clean, safely. In case you are not too keen on having extra expenses, you can acquire a reusable oven liner. 

PTFE Re-Usable Non-Stick Oven Liner

Properties of removable kitchen liner: 

1. Cook without oil or fats
2. SGS & FDA approved
3. Easy to clean
4. Reusable
5. Heat resistant up to 500° F (260° C)
6. Non-stick
7. Foods retain more vitamins and minerals

PTFE Re-Usable Non-Stick Oven Liner

How to use removable kitchen liner ?

1. Place one liner on the bottom of your oven. Cut to fit with scissors
2. Turn the oven on
3. Place the food you wish to cook on rack of the oven
4. When you're finished just wipe with a paper towel or wash with warm soapy water and they are ready to reuse. 
5. Place back in press ready to use again. 

PTFE Re-Usable Non-Stick Oven Liner

Main specification: 

Thickness: 3mil ~ 10mil. 
Color: Brown/black/white etc
Size: 25cmx33cm, 40cmx30cm, 50cmx40cm, 60cm x40cm, 46cmx 51cm
Other sizes can be made by your request

PTFE Re-Usable Non-Stick Oven Liner
PTFE Re-Usable Non-Stick Oven Liner


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