Why does the TPE/TPR encapsulated PC break?

There is a different understanding of the topic of "whether the TPE encapsulated PC will rupture". Is the TPE encapsulated part broken or the PC part broken? Jiuzhi Plastics Network Xiaobian believes that the problems encountered by users should be the cracks in PC parts. 1. The crack of

Symptoms and control methods of potato late blight

1: Symptoms of the disease: The leaves are infected, and the water-soaked dark green spots are first formed at the tip or leaf edge. There is a light green halo around the lesion. When the humidity is high, the lesion is rapidly enlarged, brown, and produces a circle of white mold, especially the b

How to choose garden TV cabinet

Home is a safe haven for our lives. Home decoration must be used with care, while the rustic style is fresh and elegant, young and fashionable, romantic and warm, with the atmosphere of nature, and is highly sought after by modern people. So rustic decoration should choose wha

How to clean stainless steel kitchen accessories

Stainless steel kitchen accessories can not only be hanged on the wall to beautify, but the reasonable use of wall space can save a lot of places. As a result, stainless steel kitchen accessories play a decisive role in our daily kitchen storage. So, how to clean the stainless

The 8th Suzhou Furniture Fair grand opening

On June 23, 2016, the 8th Suzhou Furniture Fair was grandly opened at the Suzhou International Expo Center. The exhibition attracted the participation of major brands in East China, and the famous furniture brands from all over the country gathered here. So, what are the highl