Yucheng: Superhard industry agglomeration activates and develops the whole game

Abstract In the vast Yudong Plain, 50 kilometers southwest of Shangqiu, it has reached the historic city of Yucheng. Yucheng, a poverty-stricken county, an agricultural county, and a backward county in the eyes of many people, has now sprung up everywhere, and has become the hometown of diamond powder...
In the vast Yudong Plain, 50 kilometers southwest of Shangqiu, it is a historic city.

Yucheng, a poverty-stricken county, an agricultural county, and a backward county in the eyes of many people, has now sprung up and become a "hometown of diamond powder" that everyone in the industry knows.

What is diamond? It is the diamond we often say.

Before the departure, the reporter had a full understanding of Yucheng, searched on a search engine, and immediately had more than 4 million information links, most of which were related to diamond powder.

On the way to visit the industrial cluster area of ​​Yucheng County, Director Meng of the Central District Management Committee introduced to us: “The output of diamond micropowder in Yucheng accounts for more than 3/4 of the national total. In the total export volume of the country, our products It also accounts for half of the country."

However, how does this small county with no relevant mineral resources make the diamond micropowder industry bigger and stronger? With such questions, the reporters of the report group conducted in-depth interviews.

Industrial agglomeration promotes industrial upgrading

In the early summer, the land of Yudong is full of lush greenery. Entering the county's industrial clusters, I saw that the two sides of the road were full of enterprises that had begun to take shape. The employees in the gathering area were rushing, the roaring large-scale equipment, and the hot projects under construction. A sense of vitality and inspiration.

In Henan Wanke Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., Chairman Shao Jie chatted with reporters: "We have a history of more than 30 years in the diamond micropowder industry in Yucheng. For a long time, it is mainly based on family workshops, small scale, management is not Standardization, low technological content of products, and industrial advantages show a downward trend."

It is precisely because of this urgent problem that the Yucheng County Party Committee and the county government have opened the curtain of the construction of the agglomeration area, in accordance with the "centralized layout of enterprises, the development of industrial clusters, the intensive use of resources, the construction of functional aggregates and the transfer of population to cities and towns". It is required to plan a 26-square-kilometer industrial cluster in the two core areas of the west and northeast of the county, and build a broad platform for undertaking industrial transfer and cultivating industrial clusters.

At present, the diamond superhard material industrial park has entered 53 diamond enterprises, which has turned diamond products from the original single micropowder production to the complete industrial chain production of raw and auxiliary materials, single crystal diamond, diamond powder and serialized diamond products. Large-scale, clustered, industrialized production base, the county's annual diamond output reaches 1 billion carats, the annual output of micro-powder reaches 4.5 billion carats, and the diamond products are 7 million pieces (sets), of which diamond micronized powder accounts for more than 70% of the national market share. Diamond products have reached more than 130 varieties in 7 series.

Under the impetus of industrial agglomeration areas, enterprises not only solve the problems of basic elements such as land, energy and human resources, but also the development factors such as talents, technology and capital. In the past few years, the industrial cluster has 5 high-tech enterprises and 3 provincial-level engineering technology R&D centers. It has obtained 63 independent intellectual property rights patents and 13 invention patents. More than 3,500 middle-level and above-mentioned scientific and technological talents have been introduced, including senior technical personnel 150. There are more than 30 doctoral students and more than 30 postgraduate students. They have established production, research and research relations with 14 research institutes such as Zhengzhou “Sanmo” Institute and Henan University of Technology, and implemented technology transfer, high-end product development, and scientific and technological personnel training. close co-opperation.

Attentive service, solid foundation for development

In Yucheng, the reporter heard that the entrepreneurs talked the most about the government's warm and thoughtful service.

The government's thoughtful service is the root cause of the company's accelerated progress. The relevant person in charge of the Management Committee of the Industrial Cluster Area of ​​Yucheng County said that the government will provide them with a defective service.

In actual operation, Yucheng County has continuously improved the land security mechanism, financing mechanism, talent introduction mechanism, investment promotion mechanism, project promotion mechanism and exit mechanism of backward production capacity projects, and strived to crack bottlenecks of funds, land and talents, and enhanced the transfer of industries. Safeguarding capabilities; continue to promote the "three-three-three" activities in a normalized and institutionalized manner, comprehensively implement the first-inquiry responsibility system, service commitment system, and time-limited system, vigorously carry out one-stop office and one-stop service, and strive to create high efficiency, A low-cost, non-disruptive development environment.

For the projects that have been signed, the county is vigorous and vigorous, deployed on the same day, entered the market on the same day, and set up a leading group led by a deputy county-level leader to assist enterprises to complete the formalities in less than one week. At the same time, intensify the supervision, every day, every construction project in the industrial agglomeration area will be supervised one by one, and the construction progress and construction speed ranking of the day will be compiled into short messages, and sent to the county-level cadres and related Responsible.

In March 2010, Power Group's production line with an annual output of 400 million carats of diamonds was officially started. It is planned to build a 4,500 square meters comprehensive office building and a science and technology research and development building, and a single-storey 5,000 square meters standardized factory building with a total construction area of ​​59,000 square meters. As usual, the project will take one to two or even three to four years from the time of approval, handling all kinds of licenses, and then starting work until commissioning. However, in Yucheng, it took only six months from the start of construction to the commissioning of production, creating the “speed of the city” for project construction.

There is a great deal of love for "foreign households" and the treatment of "local lang" is not bad. Shao Jie, chairman of Henan Wanke Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. told reporters that some time ago, the product had a shortage of funds during the promotion process. After the county leaders learned of the situation, they immediately docked with the bank. With the help of the government, it was not long before the 5 million loan was approved. "There are many things like this kind of government helping us solve problems such as financing and construction. If it is not supported by the government, it is very difficult for small companies like us to achieve this level." Shao Jie said with deep feelings that today Ke is a professional manufacturer of diamond micropowder integrating R&D, production and sales.

Production city integration stimulates vitality

In Yucheng, the development of industrial clusters is not only the development of the industry, they also attach great importance to the integration of industry and city development.

Along the east of the industrial cluster, there is a beautiful new modern city standing in front of us. “We often use the “reborn” to describe the development of the city.” The local people from Yucheng came to us. “The streets are wide and the tall buildings are everywhere. The green and bright landscape can be seen everywhere. Living in this city, I feel better than The coastal metropolis is fine."

In recent years, Yucheng County has invested more than 3 billion yuan in accordance with the construction requirements of “seven connections, one big and one beautiful”, and improved the infrastructure of road hardening, greening, lighting, water supply and drainage in the agglomeration area; The network project is 43 kilometers, and 6 roads are connected with the urban trunk road network. The water supply and drainage network, power supply, communication and other resources of the urban area are shared with the urban infrastructure; the industrial service area integrated service center and sewage treatment plant are built. , human resources service center, staff skill training center, provincial diamond industry testing center, staff apartment, industrial cluster area, Pearl River community and other supporting facilities, improve the supporting service functions, improve the project carrying capacity.

At the same time, the county takes the construction of the Yangtze River New City as the carrier, and creates the provincial health city, garden city and civilized city as the center, and vigorously implements the “two districts, two belts, one ring, one network and one city” production city integration construction project. At present, 2 square kilometers of characteristic commercial area and Xicheng old city reconstruction leisure residential area, 16 kilometers of Dabei ring, 40 kilometers of Xincheng road network project, 4 square kilometers of Xincheng core area and Jianye Group, Huasheng Group, Kai Key projects such as Xinjiang Group and Guangdong Fubanghua Group, which are investing more than 2 billion yuan, are being actively promoted. Public welfare facilities such as hospitals, schools, parks, cultural and art centers have been completed and used, and industrial clusters have been formed to promote the city. The interactive development pattern of promoting production by city.

The urban framework continues to expand, the city's taste continues to improve, and industrial development continues to escalate. Today, the civilized, ecological, harmonious and livable modern new city of Yucheng complements the provincial advanced industrial clusters, forming an interactive development pattern that promotes the city and promotes production by the city.

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