Don't buy these kinds of decoration materials online, the later processing is too troublesome

With the development of the Internet, more and more people like to buy and buy online, and feel that there is nothing that the Internet cannot buy.

For decoration , in order to save trouble and save money, many people began to buy decoration materials online, but some decoration materials can not be bought online, many people are hungry for cheap, what specific materials can not be bought online? Take a look together.

1. Online shopping is not recommended for doors and windows

As an ordinary decoration owner, we cannot accurately measure the dimensions of doors and windows, because these dimensions are not as simple as we think-not the distance from this side to that side. To measure the size of a set of doors and windows, you need to measure the door width, door height, ground flatness, wall verticality, door cover size, edging size, etc.

For example, entrance doors, bedroom doors, sliding doors, sliding doors, balcony windows, etc., some of which require secondary processing, such as opening, cutting, hardware installation, sealing strip installation, etc., need to be produced on site.

A measurement error or production deviation, late return is very troublesome, and even some customized products cannot be returned at all.

2. Hydropower materials are not recommended

Regardless of whether you are all-inclusive or half-inclusive, it is best not to buy hydropower materials online. For example, four square lines, relatively little is used at home, and a group of lines is basically not used up, which will cause waste of funds and waste of materials The same is true for water pipes, and accessories are more cumbersome, so online shopping is not recommended.

3. Online shopping is not recommended for customized furniture, such as wardrobes and cabinets

To spend less money on decoration, you also need to make a few custom furniture, such as custom wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. It is recommended to buy these customized furniture offline:

First, because these products have very strict size requirements, in addition to size measurement, it is also necessary to measure the verticality of the wall and the flatness of the ground. None of these can be done by inexperienced users.

Second, because these products often require secondary processing. After the production is completed, you need to go to the door for cutting, drilling and installation. Secondary processing is just as important as preliminary processing. If there is an error during self-installation, the problem of return and exchange of customized products is also prone to disputes.

4. Online shopping is not recommended for shower rooms

The items are large and are glass products, which are easily damaged during transportation. In most cases, the shower room requires non-standard customization. The online shopping products from the assembly line are not all suitable.

5. Floor tiles are not suitable for online shopping

In particular, there is no physical store in the local area, and there is no delivery service. It is troublesome. The trouble is that the items are too heavy and too large. They are not express delivery. They are logistics. Later, if you need to replenish or return the goods, it is also a problem. Replenishment may mean that the construction period needs to be delayed for 3 to 5 days.

If you buy too much, it is difficult to return the goods. These things are too heavy and fragile. Of course, if it is a big brand, including delivery service, in fact, the problem is not big.

If you want to buy online, you must not be cheap, you can buy these items online:

1. Products with high standardization do not need to be measured, designed or customized

2. Those that do not need to be installed by the seller can be installed by decoration workers or installed by workers.

3. Convenient express logistics, convenient return and exchange

4. Basically, there is not much after-sales problem, or it is easy to solve after-sales.

Finally, in order to avoid the already complicated decoration, because of the more troubles caused by online shopping, it is recommended that you are running more regular building materials market, don't be lazy, the installation is not good, you may regret it and want to cry. .....

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