Indoor water and electricity installation knowledge decoration classroom: decoration no regrets, do a good job is the key

Many lessons from blood tell us that hydropower safety is the focus of family safety. Many kitchen power and water leaks caused by improper installation not only affect normal life, but also endanger life safety. Do not bring in injuries or even save a little money. The consequences of injury. Water and electricity installation is an important project in home renovation. If it is not installed properly, then in the future life will be a variety of troubles, time-consuming and costly, very uneconomical. In order to have a good life, the owners must understand the details of the installation price of indoor hydropower . Then, let's take a look at the detailed list of indoor hydropower installation prices with me!

Indoor water installation knowledge

Part I: Housing Renovation

First of all, we should carry out partial reconstruction of the house according to the decoration design drawings, such as removing some parts of the wall, or modifying some parts of the wall;

Part II: Slotting Pipes

Normally, this part can be divided into two steps, one of which is a groove of a water pipe, and the other is a slot of a telecommunication line. It is best for friends to check the construction quality when the hydropower installers are constructing. Under normal circumstances, the horizontal and vertical lines should be played well before the slotting. The construction is based on the horizontal and vertical lines. When the workers perform the construction, the friends must check whether they have grooved according to the hydropower diagram. If there is any change, they should be allowed to declare in advance;

Part 3: Water Pipe Installation

Under normal circumstances, the material used for water pipes is PPR pipe and aluminum plastic pipe. PPR pipe is the most used water pipe. When installing a water pipe, the most important thing is the installation location of the faucet. Friends should pay special attention to this piece. It is better to be able to supervise and guide it personally, so that it can ensure the practicality of its function.

Part IV: Wire Routing

The most common wire in the market today is a copper wire of 2.5 to 6 square meters. There is one thing that needs special attention here. When you are wiring, you should separate the strong and weak currents, switches, electrical sockets, and air conditioning sockets. Also note that the switch socket must be horizontal and vertical. Only in this way, the rear panel installation will not be uneven;

Part V: Plumbing Inspection

After the installation of hydropower, friends must go to the site to inspect the water pipes to eliminate hidden water safety problems and prevent future safety accidents.


Indoor hydropower installation price - waterway installation

Water pipe concealed: 60 yuan / meter, material 20PP-R water pipe installation: 60 yuan / meter, material 50PVC

Plumbing installed: 45 yuan / meter, material 20PP-R faucet: 15,20, price 8 yuan / month

Water meter: specifications 15, 20, price 25 yuan / a total valve: size 25, price 30 yuan / month

Valve change: specifications 20, 25, price 25 yuan / a flush valve: specifications 15, 20, price 20 yuan / month

Indoor water and electricity installation price - circuit installation

1, dark pipe: 28 yuan / meter, material PVC

2, dark pipe includes: weak wire and line tube, both are PVC material. Among them, flame-retardant electrical pipe diameter D16 conduit 3 weak electricity (telephone, television network cable) alone wear pipe, switch socket bottom box 86 type 10 yuan/piece; 118 type 15 yuan/pc, add 16 information integrated box plus 160 yuan/set, and then need to fill in plaster or cement mortar to ensure the concealment of hidden projects.

3, dark power installed: 35 yuan / meter, material PVC

4, flame-retardant electrical pipe and wire: no more than 3 lines, if more than five meters per root. The rest is the same as the weak electric concealment.

Indoor hydropower installation price - other installation

Electricity meter: Specifications 10A-60A, price 30 yuan / breaker: Specifications 16A-60A, price 10 yuan / month

Air fan: specifications below 250mm, price 30 yuan / ceiling fan: size 1400 mm below, price 40 yuan / Taiwan

Socket (3-5 holes): Price 10 yuan / Ming, concealed wall switch: Price 5 yuan / month


Indoor water and electricity installation precautions

Hydroelectric installation quotation includes tubing, wire rods, wiring, construction, slotting, pressure test, not including sealing slots, waterproofing, and sanitary fixture installation. Charges are calculated according to actual meter usage. The waterway reconstruction does not include special fittings and valves, and the owner of the fittings must purchase it. High-rise reinforced steel pouring structure plus 3 yuan per meter slotting fee, plus each plus 3 yuan. All hot and cold water pipes use hot water pipes. Due to the owner's inadequacy of design and manual repair of the pipes after installation, manual maintenance fees are required.

Indoor hydropower reform budget control attention

1, hydropower installation and transformation generally can not be divided into slot and slot two prices, and some decoration team to subdivide the slot price into non-load-bearing wall slotting, bearing wall slot two prices, this must be in advance Discuss good prices so as not to have trouble.

2. Hydroelectricity reconstruction is the biggest hidden project, and it is also the most expensive item in the increase item. It cannot be said by the workers how much it is. It depends on whether they take the conventional method. For example, the bias of the wall gives you around the wall. Face to go, the original two-tube open slot is to give you a double slot.

3, hydropower reform should not rely on other people's advice, on the basis of listening to other people's advice, his heart is also must have a few, so not only will not miss future needs, and can save some unnecessary waste.

Editor's summary: The above is the indoor water and electricity installation knowledge explain decoration classroom: decoration without regrets, do a good job is the key to the relevant presentations, hoping to help to meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to follow our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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