2017 Top Ten Composite Floors

Compared to solid wood flooring, there are many advantages. This is the first reason why everyone has been looking for composite flooring in recent years. Nowadays, there are many brands of laminated flooring on the market, and it is very difficult to pick them up. Everyone must think when purchasing. Knowing the top ten rankings for composite flooring , the quality of selected products from well-known brands will also be more secure. Today Xiao Bian has also collected a lot of information. Let's take a look at the top ten rankings of 2017 composite flooring .

2017 composite floor top ten ranking

TOP1 : Icons Floor

St. Vincent's floor is a brand of the Icon Group. It has the title of “big brother” in the entire flooring industry. The brand first appeared in 1995. In the building materials industry, its product sales have been ranked first.

TOP2 : Fringle

Feilinger was originally a German brand. It first appeared in the Chinese market in 1996. Its position in the entire Asian flooring industry cannot be overlooked. The biggest advantage that the brand has enjoyed many consumers is that it is Cost-effective.

TOP3 : Del der

Del is the brand owned by Del Group Suzhou Flooring Co., Ltd. The group was first founded in Suzhou in 2000. Although the establishment time was not particularly long, its products have been recognized and loved by consumers.

TOP4 : Nature

Nature was the first brand to be founded in 1995. It is the largest manufacturer in Asia's flooring industry and has a place in Asia's most valuable brands. Its biggest goal is to produce the world's best Floor.

TOP5 : BES floor

The brand of Best Floors comes from Shenyang Baishi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. The company was first founded in 1999. Its headquarters is located in Liaoning Province. The company's products have appeared in various building materials markets in the country, and even sold to European and American countries. The greatest feature of its products is the combination of geothermal design.

TOP6 : Living Home Baroque

Living home Baroque is one of the four major brands of life family. The company was founded in 1996 and has four major production plants. The Baroque brand of the living home originated from the Baroque civilization of Europe and showed its constant pursuit of exquisite life.

TOP7 : Rhine sunshine

Rheinland Sunshine is a brand under the German Knorr-Wood Group. The brand first appeared in the Jiangsu Province in 2003 in the Chinese market and has now become Asia's most professional flooring manufacturer.

TOP8 :Shiyou Floor

Shiyou Floor is a brand of Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd. It was first established in 2001. Nowadays, its products not only appear in various domestic markets, but also are exported to overseas markets and are deeply loved by consumers.

TOP9 : Yangzi floor

Yangzi Floor is a brand of Zhangzhou Yangzi Wood Industry Co., Ltd., which is the largest wooden floor manufacturer in China and has participated in the formulation of various standards for the wood floor industry. Its strength is not to be underestimated in the entire floor industry.

TOP10 : Shengda Flooring

Shengda Flooring is a brand under Shengda Forestry. The headquarters of the company was established in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The company was first established in 1996. Its product features mainly take environmental protection as the most important concept and its market share in the entire Sichuan market. Very high, the product is deeply favored by consumers.

Summary: After reading this article, we all have a lot of understanding of the top ten rankings of laminate flooring . When selecting products, we can also compare the products of different brands from various parameters and choose the most suitable products for them. The above is Introduction to the top ten rankings of composite flooring , I hope to help you. For more information on laminate flooring, please continue to pay attention to information on this website.

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