Cold dew is coming, do you know these farming things?

16:48, ushered in the cold dew solar terms, the weather is getting cold, everything recession. After the cold dew, the weather is cool, and the autumn is high and cool, which is conducive to the growth of autumn vegetables. It is a favorable period for the cultivation and breeding of winter and spring shed vegetables.

    Vegetable farming

    1. Strengthen field management: irrigation, drought prevention, topdressing of fertilizers, spraying of pollution-free pesticides to control pests and diseases, and timely harvesting.

    2 , cultivate the ground power: use the fine weather to turn over the shed vegetable field, expose the sun, weather the soil; apply organic fertilizer; spray soil disinfectant, sterilize and eliminate insects, improve fertility.

    3. Renovation and maintenance of greenhouses: If the bamboo sheds that have been used for several years in the old vegetable area are seriously damaged, it must be re-updated; the new vegetable gardens can be added with steel pipe sheds and bamboo sheds, and the planting area of ​​vegetable protection areas will be gradually expanded.

    4 , winter and spring shed vegetable breeding period: should be good to buy seeds, seed treatment, disinfection, soaking seeds and germination work.

    5 , pests and diseases occur and control: leafy vegetables mainly include Plutella xylostella, aphids, Spodoptera litura, Chinese cabbage dry heart disease, soft rot and other diseases and insect pests, beans mainly have leaf miner, rust, blight and other diseases and insect pests Eggplant, tomato, cucumber, celery, etc. grown and seeded may be exposed to root knot nematode disease.

    Fruit tree farming

    1. Citrus: The mid-late varieties are applied in time for pre-harvesting; the mid-late varieties are used to erase the late autumn shoots, and the early-maturing varieties are timely thinned and thinly mined after harvesting, short and stubborn results; grasping red spiders, rust tick, powder Prevention and control of pests such as cockroaches, and attention to the prevention and treatment of ulcer disease and anthracnose; harvesting of early maturing varieties and post-harvest fertilization.

    2 , Yangmei: According to local conditions, Yangmeiyuan deep-renovation work, deep depth of 30-40 cm, combined with soil improvement, turf, weeds buried in the soil; do a good job in the development of Yangmeiyuan's planning infrastructure.

    3 , peach: late-maturing varieties continue to apply base fertilizer. New orchard is ready to build a garden.

    4. Grapes: Focus on the application of base fertilizer and prepare for the development of new vineyards.

    5 , pear: apply good root dressing, re-application of post-harvest winter base fertilizer, prevent leaves from being too early and induce secondary flowering, affecting the next year's flowering and yield.

    6. 枇杷: Apply the pre-flowering fertilizer, prepare for the work of buds, thinning flowers, whitening trunks, clearing gardens, anti-freezing, etc.





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