Balcony washing machine drain how to deal with balcony laundry room how to transform

Basically, many families now use washing machines. There are many families because of the small size of the home. The space in the home itself is very small. The washing machine likes to be placed on the balcony, and the drainage is also convenient when washing clothes. Then how to transform the balcony laundry? How to deal with the balcony washing machine drainage , the following Xiao Bian to tell you about it!

Balcony washing machine drainage how to deal with

1. Look for clear rainwater pipes or sewage pipes near the balcony. You can connect the washing machine's launching water and the mop pool's water pipe directly to the pipe.

2. When leveling on the balcony, as in the case of some toilets, the PVC pipe and the floor drain pipe are used to pass through under the floor leveling layer;

3. There is a floor drain with cover, as suggested by friends in the upper floor. The washing machine drain hose is inserted when the washing machine drains. Among the three methods, the first one is the best, because there is no need to worry about the problem of water overflow when the drainage is strong.

How to reform the balcony laundry

What kind of balcony is suitable for conversion into a laundry room?

Although the balcony is an ideal place for laundry, not all balconies are suitable for conversion into a laundry room. The premise of the transformation of the balcony into a laundry room:

1, the balcony itself has a drainage hole or floor drain, easy to drain the washing machine.

2, gas pipe and heating pipe can not go through the balcony, so as to avoid safety hazards.

3, to consider the washing machine inlet hole, the general balcony is no water inlet, need to punch through the wall to achieve.

Balcony laundry rooms are more common with small-sized homes because small kitchens usually have very small kitchens and bathrooms, and washing machines can be very crowded. If the balcony is just connected to the kitchen or bathroom, consider moving the laundry to the balcony. There is also a situation where there are double balconies in a large apartment. At this time, one of the balconies can also be converted into a laundry room.

Second, the balcony laundry room need what equipment

1, washing machine

There can be no laundry but no washing machine. If there is a washing machine in the laundry room, then there is no laundry.

2. Sink

Laundry sinks are also the most common type of sinks. Washing hands, washing mops, and small clothes that the washing machine cannot wash have a sink that is more convenient.

3, drying racks

Although small clothes drying racks are not worth a few dollars, but it is an indispensable thing in the laundry room. It seems that drying racks are never enough to use. I don't know if everyone has the same feeling.

4, hidden cabinet

Set up a small storage cabinet, not only can accommodate the small things in the laundry room, the green wall cabinet is full of space and beautiful appearance.

Third, how to install the washing machine to install the balcony

1, a dedicated washing machine drain

Many families converted the balcony into a laundry room and used the balcony's drain pipe directly to drain the washing machine. The outside of the balcony is generally used for drainage pipes. Once in the winter, the pipes are easily blocked by snow or frozen. As a result, the washing machine's water cannot be drained, and it may flow back to the balcony. Therefore, if the balcony itself has a laundry function, but the property does not do drainage, the washing machine must not be placed on the balcony. If you must use the drainage of the balcony, you must first insulate the outdoor drainage pipe of the balcony. Another reason for not using a balcony drain pipe is that wastewater discharged from the washing machine will be discharged into the nearby rivers and lakes without treatment after being discharged through the rainwater pipe of the balcony, which may cause pollution to the urban environment.

2. Keep away from gas and heating pipes

If the small balcony also passes through gas pipes or heating pipes, the inlet and drain pipes of the washing machine will increase the openings in the wall, which will cause hidden dangers.

3, set the inlet pipe of the washing machine

The balcony usually does not have a water inlet hole, and it is better to transform the balcony into a laundry room. The balcony is close to the kitchen or the bathroom, so that it is easy to punch through the wall.

Summary: The related information about how to deal with the balcony washing machine drainage and how to reform the balcony laundry room is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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