Rejecting the cleaning and maintenance of the fume cabinet

The people eat food for the day, three meals a day. The kitchen is the "heavy ground" of the family. The frequency of use is high. The soot is easy to produce stains, and the cabinet is the main part of the kitchen. It is naturally necessary to clean and maintain.

First, the clean parts of the cabinet parts

Door panel cleaning: Paint door panels are not available with soluble cleaners. All benzene solvents and resin solvents should not be used as panel cleaners.

Cabinet cleaning: When cleaning the water tank, clean the neck end of the tube after the filter box to avoid the thicker and thicker grease, and wash the grease with hot water.

Countertop cleaning: Different cleaning methods are used for different materials. For example, natural stone countertops should be cleaned with a soft cloth, and toluene detergents should not be used.

Second, the maintenance of various parts of the cabinet

Door panel maintenance: avoid soaking, solid wood can be waxed for maintenance, hinges and handles appear loose or abnormal, should be adjusted in time or notify the manufacturer to repair.

Cabinet maintenance: Place the items “light and heavy”, clean the items and then put them in. Dry the hardware with a dry cloth to avoid water droplets on the surface.

Countertop maintenance: Avoid hot pot and hot water bottle directly in contact with the cabinet, avoid sharp objects to hit the countertop and door panel to avoid scratches.

The maintenance and use of the cabinets can not be completed overnight. It must be maintained and maintained from time to time, so that it can be used for a longer period of time. The clean kitchen can make cooking a pleasure!

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