Economic adjustment market, relocation of home stores out of the core city

In the past two years, the home sector of several mega-commerce and logistics areas that stand around Changsha, as well as several new home stores in Wangcheng and Xingsha, reflect a new way of “going out”. This "out of market" attitude is actually a better way to "enter the market."

Withdrawal from the core area, specializing in the urban fringe area and even the county market, has become a new way for the current home store to break. On June 27, the first phase of Zhuzhou Guangyuan International Trade City, which covers an area of ​​110,000 square meters, was officially opened. The trade city located in Zhuzhou County is undoubtedly the product of this new model.

Economic restructuring promotes market migration

At the moment when the pressure on land use in the central area of ​​the city is increasing, the relocation of the professional market has become an important step in the adjustment of the urban economic structure. For example, in the large professional market, which covers an area of ​​tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of square meters, such as furniture and building materials stores, Moving to suburban traffic connection points and even county areas is an inevitable requirement for urban economic development, and it is also a new model in the increasingly saturated market environment.

In fact, the loss of home sales is only the passenger flow in the central area of ​​the city. With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumer demand and potential of suburban and county consumers are equally huge. And after the external migration, due to the reduction of land cost, the available land area is larger, and enterprises can build a home complex with more brands and more complete business.

“The first phase of Guangyuan International Trade City, which broke ground in Zhuzhou County, is over 100,000 square meters. It is a home commercial complex that integrates building materials, furniture, furniture, business office and residence. It solves the old Zhuzhou City. The industrial development problem of the old market relocation, "Zhuzhou Guangyuan International Trade City Marketing Director Wei Zhou said.

The regional economy is welcoming new growth points

The external migration of the professional market, in addition to opening up the local home market, can also bring a new economic growth point to the entire region and county. Establish a business circle with the professional market as the core, stimulate consumption, promote employment, and promote the development of surrounding industries, and use it as a lever to incite the entire regional economic development. This is a good thing for the government, consumers and enterprises.

The Guangyuan International Trade City, which broke ground on June 27, is the key project of Zhuzhou City and the contract for the 2014 Shanghai Contact Week. The project is located in Zhuzhou Baytang Industrial Park, which is only 3.5 kilometers away from the Lusong District Government of Zhuzhou City. Wantang Industrial Park is the “Jiaokou Commercial Center” of Zhuzhou Municipal Planning. It is also one of the grounds for the relocation of Zhuzhou City's old market. The presence of Guangyuan International Trade City will undoubtedly make an important supplement to the overall economic planning of the region.

“Zhuzhou Guangyuan International Trade City is the third project of Hunan Runcheng Group to develop the county economy in the province after the Wangcheng Guangyuan Home Building Materials Market and the Zhangzhou Haihui International Trade City. The first two projects are operating smoothly. I believe that this new project will also become a key player in the development of the local home market and the emergence of the county economy." Pazhou said.

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