The Dalian Chemical Industry Institute passed the technical acceptance of the "Methanol to Olefin New Process" project

On July 3rd, the Technical Experts Group of the High Technology Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology organized the “863” Program Advanced Energy Technology in the “863” Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Pucheng, Shaanxi Province. “Key technologies and new technologies for coal-based clean fuels and chemicals "Technical acceptance of the major project "Methanol to olefins new process" project research. Chen Shuoyi, director of the High-tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, members of the acceptance panel, and Liu Zhongmin, the person in charge of the project, attended the meeting.

Before the acceptance meeting, the inspection and acceptance team first visited the Pudong Clean Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. in Shaanxi Province to inspect the new generation of methanol-to-olefins (DMTO-II) industrial demonstration device system, detailedly understand the system operation and conduct specific problems. Questioned.

At the acceptance meeting, Chen Shuoyi introduced the main contents, notes and acceptance requirements of the meeting. Liu Zhongmin, on behalf of the mission completion unit, detailed the research objectives and the status of the project. Subsequently, the acceptance panel conducted detailed on-site inquiries on the completion of the project and carefully examined the submitted acceptance materials. After discussion, the expert group believed that the project team completed the research tasks specified in the mission statement, and the technical indicators and scientific research results met the requirements and unanimously agreed to pass the technical acceptance.

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