Chengdu furniture memory

When you mention Chengdu, what do you think of, mahjong? Hot Pot? Or Chengdu beauty. What color is Chengdu, perhaps gray, is in memory. What is the taste of Chengdu, it is hot, all in Jincheng impression. What are the backgrounds of Chengdu, full of furniture , all in the rush of the shadows

Walking in the wide and narrow alleys, it seems to be in loneliness and memories. Except for yourself, the outside world is strange, food, but the lonely shields go straight to the depths of the alley, until the place where people are lost, the culture of narrowness, but it covers you. The point of inner emptiness is not worth mentioning. On the subway to Century City, it is just a muffler that drowns your arrogant emotions. After passing Tianfu Square, dreaming in Huaxi Dam, but still watching the sky and rain in Century City.

Chengdu, blame her for being too beautiful. Loneliness is a shameful person. Because the world is so big, it only sees it. When it comes to furniture exhibitions , Chengdu has a different memory. Star marketing, pushing the popularity to the apex, has surpassed the furniture itself, becoming a star meeting, furniture has become a foil. Also, for today's furniture industry , who can give a quick and effective marketing plan, the star can at least earn popularity and attention. In the walking furniture exhibition, I felt the careful design of the venue, who remembered who and who abandoned it.

I am forgiving, forgive myself as an unhappy person, go back to the wide and narrow alley, see the happy face, the old wife’s sing, and the warmth of Chengdu’s city, smile, walk back and revisit the furniture exhibition. I saw a busy figure and saw the effort.

For those who can't hate, use love to resolve. Identifying, calmly trying to be an enemy with immaturity, working hard, living and happy, Chengdu, this may be the last gift.

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