Hot and cold faucet installation method Hot and cold faucet installation notes

With the development of science and technology, hot and cold faucets are gradually appearing in various households, because they are convenient for quick hot water and hot and cold switching, which brings convenience to home users. However, some people do not install hot and cold water taps themselves. They have to find and install the masters. This has an additional expenditure. In order to save everyone unnecessary expenses, Xiao Bian will introduce to you today how to install cold and hot water taps and cold water. Hot water faucet installation notes, hope can help everyone.

Hot and cold faucet installation method

Before installation, everyone should first prepare the tools that may be used, and generally use the tools: wrenches, waterproof tapes, and also check whether the hot and cold faucet components are complete. The common leading parts include: hoses and rubber washers. , showers, water, abductors, decorative caps, etc.

Kitchen sink hot and cold faucet installation method:

In winter, it is a matter of guilty when washing dishes in the kitchen. If a hot and cold water faucet is installed in the kitchen at this time, it will prevent winter vegetables from being cold. In general, only the kitchen sinks and sinks need to be equipped with hot and cold water faucets. This type of faucet is relatively simple to install. Generally, there are two hoses, brass buckles, rubber pads, and faucets, and the brass buckles and rubber pads are put into the soft. The tube, then the hose, is inserted into the hole of the sink, then the rubber mat is introduced into the hose and the copper wire is transferred into the hose. Then the faucet is placed on the copper tube. At the same time, the copper wire must be firmly fixed. Finally, put it into the mouth of the vegetable sink, and then tighten, and then the same root hose can be connected to the outlet. It is best to mark the cold water hose, otherwise it is very wrong to use it.

Bathroom shower hot and cold faucet installation method:

Hot and cold taps are also a must-have installation place in the bathroom. When installing, the hot and cold water pipes need to be expressed separately. Generally, the left red mark is connected with the hot water and the right blue mark is connected with the cold water; the interface needs to use waterproof tape to wrap a few turns to prevent water leakage, and then the faucet is connected to the interface. Tighten the wrench. Then open the tap in accordance with the first cold after the heat test, there is no water situation. Bathroom shower hooks are generally installed and adjusted according to the user's height. Hand-type vertical handheld showers are more common types of showers, installation height is generally 2050mm-2200mm, the height of the ceiling shower is generally 2100mm-2300mm, installation needs to consider the height of regular users to install.

Hot and cold faucet installation notes

The faucet must first check whether the interface is complete, not broken or incomplete, followed by the installation of tools, hot and cold faucet installation tools generally include: adjustable wrench, waterproof tape (white); followed by inspection of the faucet packaging parts are complete , Parts and accessories are generally hoses, rubber mats, showers, water pipes, decorative caps, etc. If the package is not enough or parts are not enough, you can go to supplement the next accessories to install.

The above instructions on the installation of hot and cold water faucets and the installation of hot and cold water faucets are briefly introduced here. We hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Hot and cold water faucet

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