Introduction to pneumatic disc grinding

Brief introduction of equipment and equipment Pneumatic disc grinding As a main beating equipment, the double disc refiner has been widely used in various paper mills. The traditional operation is extremely inconvenient, the gap between the grinding discs is not easy to adjust, and the self-control hydraulic double disc grinding can not be carried out. Although the traditional double disc grinding is overcome, the refining process can be automatically controlled, but the hydraulic pumping station must be specially equipped. Our factory develops grinding for the condition that the paper mills are equipped with air compressor stations. It adopts manual pressure regulation and automatic pressure regulation. It not only overcomes the defects of the traditional double disc grinding, but also absorbs the hydraulic double disc grinding pneumatics. The bearing spindle of the double disc refiner is basically the same as the conventional double disc grinding. The difference is that the ventilating and retracting mechanism of the traditional double disc grinding is replaced by the air chamber and the reset mechanism. The disc grinding chamber and the resetting mechanism structure are composed of an outer pressing ring 12 of the inner pressure ring 10 of the diaphragm fixing plate 9, and the ring 7 and the feeding end cap 8 and the casing 13 constitute a left and right air chamber. The left and right air chambers have the same shape and the same area, which is equivalent to a short stroke large cylinder, which generates a large thrust under the action of less air pressure. The fixed grinding piece is mounted on the moving platen of the left and right air chambers, and the function of the left and right air chambers is to achieve the infeed and beating. After the compressed air is introduced into the two air chambers, the fixed plate and the diaphragm are moved axially under the action of the air pressure, so that the fixed grinding piece and the rotating grinding piece are connected to the reset seat; 2 sliding sleeve; 3 bolt; 4 retaining ring 5 end cap; 6 return spring; 70 ring; 8 feed end cap; 9 moving plate; 10 inner pressure ring; diaphragm 12 outer pressure ring; 13 case; 14 spar door; 15 turntable; Tablet; 17 into the pulp; 18 air chamber.

Touch to achieve refining. Grinding, the magnitude of the pressure is determined by the amount of air pressure.

The function of the reset mechanism is to disengage the stationary plate from contact. The reset mechanism is composed of a reset seat 1 sliding sleeve 2, a bolt 3, a retaining ring 4, an end cover 5, and a return spring 6. When the refining enters the knife, the moving platen moves axially, and the retaining ring 4 slides through the bolt 3 to move. Compression return spring 6. When the knife is to be disengaged from the contact, the compressed air is disconnected, and the left and right air chambers are unloaded at the same time. The return spring is extended by the elastic potential energy, and is pulled by the retaining ring sliding sleeve. Move the fixed plate in the opposite direction to make the moving plate out of contact and realize the retraction. In order to make the reset flexible and reliable, the left and right air chambers are uniformly distributed with three reset mechanisms, the compressed air is disconnected, and the retraction is automatically completed.

Pneumatic double disc grinding refining process control is the regulation of the on and off of compressed air and the size of air pressure. The size of the pressure is the embodiment of the refining pressure. The pressure regulation is controlled by two methods: manual pressure regulation and automatic pressure regulation.

The compressed air enters the air source joint, and passes through the pressure regulating valve flow control valve and the manual position reversing valve to enter the left and right air chambers of the disc grinding. The size of the intake pressure is adjusted by the pressure regulating valve. According to the refining given in the process. Current, adjust the pressure regulating valve, so that the air pressure rises until the refining current reaches the specified value, and the pressure regulating valve is locked. In the subsequent refining process or when there is no change in the process, the air pressure is no longer adjusted, and the air pressure is always maintained at a constant value. The flow valve is mainly used at the initial stage of intake air, so that the compressed air slowly enters the disc grinding chamber at a small flow rate, so as to prevent the intake air from being too fast, causing the pressure regulating valve in the friction source to be adjusted to a constant pressure at 35 from 2 The pressure source of the pressure regulating valve manual position valve is higher than the air pressure of the inlet grinding machine to ensure sufficient pressure adjustment range during the refining process, and the air pressure of the inlet and outlet air chamber is 0.250. .3 from madness.

The gas source joint electrical proportional valve position passes through the electromagnetic reversing valve and enters the left and right air chambers of the disc grinding. The control circuit is configured according to the principle of constant current or constant power negative feedback. According to the process requirements, the current or power value of the refining is given. The gas source joint electrical proportional valve is issued by the China Papermaking Industry Research Institute and is reported by the China National Papermaking Industry Research Institute. Design a comprehensive publication of corporate management and international paper trade, which is publicly released at home and abroad. It is China's understanding of the world paper industry, and the world's window to understand the Chinese paper industry. It is the bridge and link for the communication of Chinese and foreign paper industry technology information.

Subscription method 1. You can subscribe to the local post office, each paper is 10 yuan, 60 yuan for the whole period of the whole year; 2. Comrades who miss the post office subscription time can directly transfer the money to the editorial department of the paper, and indicate the subscription. The name of the journal and the number of subscriptions; 3. Half-price concessions for colleges and universities and technical schools, please contact the journal directly with the certificate issued by the school.

Contact address The electric proportional valve of No. 12 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, automatically adjusts the rise and fall of the intake pressure under the command of the control circuit, so that the current or power is always constant. The pressure regulating valve in the gas source joint is adjusted according to the inlet pressure required by the electric proportional valve to ensure that the electric proportional valve normally adjusts the air pressure.

The manual voltage regulation control method is simple and convenient, and does not need to increase the electronic control part, but because there is no negative feedback automatic adjustment function, with the slight fluctuation of the slurry pump pressure and the random fluctuation of the system, the refining current will fluctuate, which is manual voltage regulation. Defects in the method. The automatic voltage regulation control method increases the electronic control part, the change of the slurry pump pressure and the random fluctuation of the system do not affect the beating current, and the beating quality is stable. In view of the constant requirements of the beating current and the special needs of the user during the beating process, the automatic pressure regulating air pressure control is more perfect.

According to the National Light Industry Bureau's application for changing the paper-making abstracts into household papers in 2001 and changing them into monthly magazines, on August 28, 2000, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China approved the letter of Guokecai Zizi No. 2000085, and the domestic general number was changed to 4571 Ding 5. According to this, the household paper will be changed to domestic and foreign public release from January 2001.

The purpose of the publication of tissue paper is to promote technological progress in the tissue paper industry, promote scientific management, publicize industrial policies, serve enterprise development, and provide domestic and international development dynamic information and market production and sales information. The main columns published include the association's work industry dynamics, business consumption and fashion trends, quality management technology and equipment companies to introduce the mountains and newsletters. In 2001, the household paper will be completely revised, and the packaging paperboard and paper products related to household paper will not be caught up in the post office distribution catalog. In 2001, the household paper is still issued by the editorial department. Welcome new and old readers to subscribe. .

This publication is a large 16-book, monthly magazine, and 12 issues throughout the year. 2 copies of the household paper membership unit and paying the membership fee free of charge. You can subscribe at any time of the year.

For details, please contact the Office of Life Paper Editorial Department at 100020, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Contact person Zhang Yulan Zhang Jingwen uses a worm to circumscribe the knife. The rigid contact between the grinding discs is loud, the wear of the grinding disc is fast, and it is hard in the case of nails. The impurities enter the grinding chamber, which is easy to cause damage to the grinding plate and enter the knife by pneumatic pressing. The grinding piece is in flexible contact, the squeaking is small, the grinding piece wears slowly, and the hard debris enters the grinding chamber without causing grinding. The piece is damaged.

The worm is used to rotate the retracting knife, which takes a long time and is laborious to operate. It is impossible to carry out self-control of refining, and the quality of refining is not easy to guarantee. The pneumatic pressure is used to feed the knife. Since the air pressure has been adjusted to the required value and constant, the advance and retraction time is very short. The feed is only the box 8, and the retraction only needs 28 to complete the operation. The entire beating process is operated in an automatic adjustment state, achieving automatic control. If it is supplemented by the automatic adjustment of the concentration flow, the quality of the pneumatic disc grinding will be improved. The date of the submission is 200101. The Yearbook of the National Tissue and Packaging Paper prepared by the China Paper Association Professional Committee for Tissue Paper 2000, at the end of October 2000 China Light Industry Press published and published to the public.

On the basis of the original household paper content, the 2000 edition yearbook added contents such as packaging paper and main printing paper business directory. In the production and marketing section, the production and market development prospects of the Niuguo tissue paper prepared by the Secretariat provide a comprehensive and practical introduction to the scientific and reasonable retrieval of household paper.

The book is a large 16-page book with a total of 600 pages. There are high-quality materials and reference books on the development of planning papers for industrial paper packaging papers and related companies, and the introduction of equipment and marketing.

For more information, please contact the editorial office of the Yearbook Address: No. 12, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, contact person Zhang Yulan Zhang Jingwen

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