Guizhou uses mountain resources to build a stone industry with a value of 100 billion yuan

Summary of the stone industry in Guizhou Province as the province's important to develop industries with local advantages to be planned in 2020, the province's stone industry output exceeded 100 billion yuan, profits of 10 billion yuan, driven by employment exceeded 20 million, has become an important national stone Industry Base...
Guizhou Province regards the stone industry as an important characteristic advantage industry in the province and vigorously develops it. It is planned that in 2020, the output value of the stone industry in the province will exceed 100 billion yuan, profits and taxes will exceed 10 billion yuan, and the number of employed persons will exceed 200,000. It will become an important stone industry in the country. base.

Guizhou is the only province in the country without plain support. The mountainous geographical environment makes it an important high-quality stone producing area in China. The stone resources are large in reserves, widely distributed, variety and quality. The stone resources reserves exceed 10 billion cubic meters. Covering more than 80% of counties (cities, districts, special zones), there are mainly 75 types of marble, granite, diabase, basalt stone, slate, and gray stone.

The General Office of the Guizhou Provincial Government recently issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Stone Industry", suggesting that the province's stone industry will focus on the construction of two centers, three bases and 10 key parks, namely the construction of the Guizhou Southwest International Ecological Stone Trade Expo Center in Anshun. Construction of Guizhou Stone Industry Creative Design Center in Guiyang. Focus on building Anshun, Southwestern Jiangxi and Tongren Stone Industrial Bases, focusing on the construction of stone industrial parks such as Zhenning, Sinan, Shiqian, Jiangkou, Anlong, Jinping, Luodian, Huaxi, Longli and Yuqing.

Guizhou will speed up the stone brand cultivation plan and support more products to enter the national "natural stone unified number". Anshun City and Southwest Guizhou Province focus on the development of Guizhou Beige, gray-white wood grain, ebony wood grain, color cloud ash, ice flower jade and other high-grade gemstone varieties such as Guicui, and the key development of shells in Qiannan, Qiandongnan and Tongren. Marble, sunset, beige, sarcophagus, coffee, wood and other marble varieties, and high-grade gemstones such as Luodian jade and purple jade jade stone, Guiyang City and Zunyi City focus on the development of colored marble such as suet cream, red sand stone and shell stone. Variety.

In order to improve the utilization level of resources, Guizhou Province encourages enterprises to adopt advanced technology and technology, improve the level of equipment technology, implement modernization, large-scale, green mining, and increase the rate of stone mining and the rate of compliance. By 2017, the rate of stone mining, the rate of compliance, the utilization rate of solid waste resources, and the recycling rate of industrial wastewater will reach 50%, 60%, 80%, and 95%, respectively.

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