Dry screw vacuum pump selection

According to the requirements of the production process and market supply, according to the technologically advanced, economically reasonable and applicable principles of production, as well as the feasibility, maintainability, operability and energy Supply and other requirements, to investigate and analyze and compare to determine the equipment optimization program. The following describes the main types of dry screw vacuum pump models: Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Model: LG - 30; maximum pumping rate (L / s): 30; ultimate pressure (mbar): 0.3; Motor Power (kw) 4; Air inlet diameter (mm): DN40; Air outlet diameter (mm): DN40; Gear chamber oil consumption (L): 1.3; Cooling water consumption (L / h): 120; Noise (dB): 82 ; Weight (㎏): 260; Model: LG - 70; The maximum pumping speed (L / s): 70; The ultimate pressure (mbar): 0.3; Motor power (kw): 7.5; : DN50; Exhaust port diameter (mm): DN50; Gear chamber oil consumption (L): 1.3; Cooling water consumption (L / h): 210; Noise (dB): 85; : LG-180; The maximum suction rate (L / s): 180; The ultimate pressure (mbar): 0.05; Motor power (kw): 18.5; Inlet diameter (mm): DN100; Exhaust port diameter : DN50; Gear chamber oil consumption (L): 4.0; Cooling water consumption (L / h): 600; Noise (dB): 85; Weight (㎏): 370; Many types of dry screw vacuum pump, Its model to choose from When, not only to consider his work efficiency, but also concerned about its value. Its selection at this time for the user is a very useful parameter. How to more effectively improve the market share of dry screw vacuum pump, further research on the selection of dry screw vacuum pump is a good way. Related articles: Dry screw vacuum pump advantages and disadvantages Dry screw vacuum pump features

Fire resistance - According to the BSEN438-2/91 test, the surface of the ceramic plate has a strong protective ability against burning cigarettes. The material is flame retardant, the panel does not melt, and the properties are maintained for a long time. Antistatic – According to DIN 51953 and DIN 53482, ceramic plates have proven to be antistatic materials, making the panel ideal for use in dust-free areas, the optical industry and the computer industry. Chemical resistance - Ceramic plates have strong chemical resistance properties such as acid and oxidation resistant toluene and the like. Ceramic plates also prevent the erosion of disinfectants, chemical cleaners and food juices and dyes. They do not affect the properties of the ceramic plate or the surface.

Zirconia Ceramic Plate

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