Roots vacuum pump types and models Daquan

Roots vacuum pump is mainly based on the pump cavity by a pair of leaf-shaped rotor synchronous, reverse rotation of the push to move the gas to achieve the vacuum pump, the pump can not be a separate suction, the former need to be With oil seal, water ring can be directly into the atmosphere. Roots vacuum pumps with the development of faster and faster, more and more types. The next three main types of Roots vacuum pump. Roots vacuum pump 1, ZJ series Roots vacuum pump: ZJ series Roots vacuum pump, a rotary varactor vacuum pump, which has the advantage of lower inlet pressure with a higher pumping rate, which is currently available in high Vacuum one of the main pumping equipment, ZJ series Roots vacuum pump can not be a separate exhaust must be used in series with the former stage pump until the pumping system pressure was pumped to the front vacuum pump Roots vacuum pump can only accept the pressure Get started, otherwise it will be overloaded and overheated and damaged. 2, JZJX series Roots rotary vane vacuum pump: JZJX series Roots rotary vane vacuum pump is ZJ type Roots pump as the main pump, single or double stage rotary vane pump as a pre-stage pump low and high vacuum access to equipment The entire unit is housed in a rack with pipes, valves and electrical control box. In addition to the minimum two sizes, it is also equipped with cooling water pipe system. The unit is compact and easy to use. JZJX series Roots rotary vane vacuum pump high vacuum, sustainable work, low noise. 3, JZJ2B (S) series Roots water ring vacuum pump: ZJ type Roots pump as the main pump, 2BV (2SK) water ring vacuum pump or Roots water ring vacuum unit as a fore pump pump unit . It can not only be used to remove the general gas, but also can suck the water containing a small amount of dust and gas. Compared with the general mechanical vacuum pump it is not afraid of oil pollution, are not afraid of moisture and dust and so on. Compared with the general vacuum pump, the Roots vacuum pump has the advantages of high ultimate vacuum and high pumping speed under higher vacuum conditions. Nowadays it is the ideal vacuum extraction equipment for drying, dewatering and vacuum degassing in the fields of textile, foodstuff, chemical industry and pharmacy. With the rapid development of China's textile, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, it is believed that Roots vacuum pump family will grow stronger in the future. Related articles: Dry screw vacuum pump type and model Daquan Spray valve vacuum pump type and model Daquan

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