Do you really understand the information about the European sofa?

What is a European sofa? As the name suggests, it is a European-style sofa. The European-style sofa is the originator of the sofa. It originated from France in the seventeenth century. Choosing a European-style sofa is not only a good place to relax after you are tired, but also a clever use of it to decorate your living room, bringing a simple, simple and noble and romantic style to your cozy harbor. Next, Caterpillar furniture will show you the style of European-style sofas.

First, European sofa matching skills

The European-style sofa pursues a magnificent and luxurious artistic atmosphere. It is characterized by gorgeous colors, smooth lines, clear outlines, exquisite craftsmanship and meticulousness. The overall grace is elegant and elegant. The noble style of the European-style sofa needs to be accompanied by the same classical charm, in order to enhance its unique cultural connotation and historical heritage. Choose a classical European style sofa, it should be matched with a more historical solid wood tea table, which can make the home multiply and extravagant, showing a nostalgic and full of sense of space. The laying of the floor is also very important. You can choose the floor tiles of the stone to spread the extravagance and style of the European furniture. At the same time, it should be accompanied by a comfortable, beautiful and elegant carpet. Classical Persian rugs can be used to make the home decoration more luxurious.

The unique style of the European-style sofa can be matched with the noble and romantic wrought-iron crystal chandelier, which brings gorgeous and beautiful visual sense to the home. In the European-style decoration, there are also decorative paintings, and the choice of quaint and atmospheric decorative paintings, with thick and exquisite picture frames, placed on the wall behind the sofa, suddenly full of momentum. You can also hang up classic oil paintings to enhance your sense of art. The color of the wall can be used in light colors or with a clean wallpaper to highlight the furnishings of other works. Bedding and curtains should also be considered. Curtains can be matched with tassels or lace fabrics to add a touch of romance to the home. Bedding should use atmospheric patterns to match the overall elegance.
European-style sofas and home furnishings are especially important. If you choose the right furniture, you can better match the elegance and extraordinary of European-style sofas. If it is a messy match, it can only be effective, making the home improvement grade low.

Second, the taste of the European-style sofa <br> European-style sofa is a symbol of taste. It pursues solemnity and grandeur, emphasizes rational harmony and tranquility, pursues the gorgeousness and decoration of romanticism, or pursues irrational infinite fantasy, full of drama and passion. Typically, the outline and individual transitions of a European-style sofa are made up of symmetrical, rhythmic curves or curved surfaces, and are decorated with gold-plated brass.

The overall feeling of the European-style sofa is very solemn. It is characterized by simple structure, smooth lines, strong artistry and bright colors. One of the most representative European-style sofas is a French-style sofa. When it comes to France, the first thing we think of is the perfume and the cafe on the left bank of the Champs-Elysees. This is a country that combines romance and luxury, taste and comfort. The Tirika Timika sofa series [1], (the early nineteenth century lowland country full teak frame skin eclectic style) can be seen in the French style of luxury and exquisite. The living room is often the family in the house, and the gathering space for the guests is originally from the French salon. The comfort requirements for the seat originated in the second half of the 18th century, but significant progress was made during the Louis XV period, during which chairs called "canape" and "divan" appeared, the predecessor of modern sofas. After the salon became a gathering space, there were a lot of strange new furniture. Timika sofa adopts the unique hollow carving and double-sided embossing techniques of classical furniture, retaining the national characteristics of the lowland countries in luxury, and the large number of tulip flowers show a strong European style, all using the old teak aniseed is the largest of this sofa. Selling point. We can still find the classical legacy of the former French court from the details, and find the equally refined and meticulous. In addition, the European style sofa culture is very rich in content, and the suitable decoration style is European style decoration.

Have you seen it? European-style sofas focus on the pursuit of quality and luxury. Today, in the style of simple home style, the sofas with luxurious styles are rare in the world of household items, which is extremely precious.

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