How to maintain wax on parquet

Because solid wood composite flooring is made of wood, it has a strong ability to absorb moisture and absorb water. If it encounters changes in the external environment such as temperature and temperature, it will expand or shrink as the air gets wet. In order to avoid the resulting deformation of the floor, wax must be sealed after the pavement is empty. So how to maintain wax for three-layer parquet?

First, waxing process:
When waxing, you must choose sunny weather. When the humidity is too high in the rain, there will be white turbidity. Generally, the floor wax will harden when the room temperature is below 5 degrees. The surface of the floor must be removed before the wax and dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner or use a diluted neutral detergent to wipe; difficult to remove stains can be wiped with other cleaning agents, do not use chemicals, otherwise it will lead to the surface of white , bulging, until the water can be completely waxed.
According to different seasons, the required drying time is also different. In summer, it usually takes only 10 to 20H. Shake the container with floor wax and stir it evenly. Before the entire room is waxed, local trials can be performed in unobtrusive places to confirm that there is no abnormality. After the whole wax. Then use a clean rag or a special waxing mop to fully dip floor wax. Apply carefully according to the direction of the wood grain of the floor. Do not paint or uneven thickness. Keeping thin thickness is the key to waxing. Do not pour floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise there will be traces of traces of stains. It is finally polished with a machine so that the floor will look brighter.

Second, note:
In order to prevent the floor wax from contaminating the baseboard and furniture, cover the above areas with tape, etc., for example, by twice waxing, and after the second time, after the first complete drying. The cycle of floor waxing depends on the size of the flow of people. If the flow of people is large, waxing time can be determined based on the wear of the wax surface. In order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the parquet and prolong the service life of the paint, it is recommended that wax be maintained twice a year.

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