Pipeline centrifugal pump use and adjustment methods

【Centrifugal Pump Network News】 Centrifugal pipe in the construction of centrifugal pumps in general is not much difference with the general, but the specific use and maintenance have their own stress. If you are not aware of the pipeline centrifugal pump, take a good look at the following method of operation! 1. Startup (1) Before starting the pipe centrifugal pump, turn the pump rotor to check if the rotor is flexible. (2) Check whether the motor rotation is consistent with the pump steering. (3) Open the suction valve of the pump (if the suction valve is installed) Close the pump outlet pipe gate valve and pressure gauge cock, so that the pump is full of liquid, or use this system to exclude the suction pipe and the air inside the pump; (4) Check the degree of tightness of the pump and motor coupling bolts and safety around the pump, (5) start the motor, to be pump normal operation, open the pressure gauge cock, slowly open the pump outlet gate valve until the pressure gauge pointer points to the required pressure (press the outlet pressure gauge to control the pump Set the head). 2. Operation (1) The pipeline centrifugal pump balances the axial force by the balance mechanism in the pump. The balancing device has a balanced liquid outflow. The balancing liquid is connected to the water inlet section through the balance water pipe or a short pipe is designed in the balance outdoor. The balance Liquid flows through the spool to the pump. To ensure the normal operation of the pump, the balance of water pipes must not be blocked. (2) During start-up and operation, observe the readings of instrument, bearing temperature, leaking water and temperature of filling material, vibration and sound of pump, etc. If abnormal condition is found, it should be promptly dealt with; (3) The pump assembly quality, the bearing temperature shall not exceed the ambient temperature 35 ℃, the maximum bearing temperature shall not be higher than 75 ℃; (4) There is a certain axial movement of the pump rotor, the axial movement should be allowed (5) During the service of the pump, the abrasion of the impeller, the seal ring, the guide vane sleeve, the bushing and the balance disc shall be inspected regularly; the wear and tear of the pump Too large should be promptly replaced. 3, downtime (1) shut down before shutting down the stopcock of the manometer, slowly close the outlet gate valve, stop the pump and then shut down the pump suction valve (if equipped with suction valve); (2) Should be the pump into the water section, the middle of the water section of the bottom of the tap all the discharge, let go of excess water, and the pump disassembly cleaning oil, packaging custody. Pipeline centrifugal pump flow size can be adjusted by the outlet valve. For the outlet pipe installation of the valve device of the pump, the gate valve closed hours, adding some local resistance in the pipeline, the pipeline characteristic curve steep, the working point along the QH curve of the pump to move up and down. The smaller the gate valve is closed, the greater the increased resistance and the smaller the flow rate becomes. This by closing the gate valve to change the pump operating point, known as throttling or variable valve control. Off gate valve, pipe local head loss increases, the piping system characteristic curve to move to the left, the pump operating point also moves to the left. Gate valve closed the smaller, the greater the loss of local head, the smaller the flow rate. This shows that the throttle adjustment not only increases the local head loss, but also reduces the amount of water, it is not economical. However, due to its simplicity and ease of use, small pumps and pumps are used more in performance tests. Expand to read: Pumps and Valves Pipe Fittings Show Information 2016 Exhibition Information Industry Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: Chen Yuan (QQ / WeChat:) http://beng.liuti.cn/ (Service Hotline:)

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