44 square meters small apartment decoration skills small apartment decoration points

Now that house prices are soaring, everyone is considering small houses after we buy a house. After we buy the small apartment, everyone is considering the decoration, because everyone knows that the small apartment has certain limitations when it is renovated. Everyone knows how to do the 44 square meter small apartment decoration. What should I pay attention to? Let's take a look at the 44 square meters of small apartment decoration skills and decoration points!


44 square meters small apartment decoration skills

1, choose a light color wall

When decorating a small wall, it is recommended to choose a light or bright wall, which will give people a visually broad effect. For example, white not only makes the space clean and bright, but also looks neat. It is best to paint the lower half of the wall with a darker color, and the upper half of the wall is the same color as the ceiling, which extends the illusion and lengthens the layout of the small apartment.

2, the choice of the same color furniture

When choosing a large-sized furniture, the small-sized apartment should try to choose a combination of custom-made furniture, which does not occupy space and can increase the storage function. The color of the furniture is as close as possible to the wall, which makes the house look more open. Some small furniture can choose other colors to add space to the highlights. You can also use the full length of the curtains, which are placed on the top of the window, which can extend the effect and make the room look bigger.

3, the furniture should be against the wall

When the small apartment is placed in the furniture, try to lean against the wall and put some tall furniture in the corner, which can leave more room for the living room. Lighting purchase as much as possible to choose the vertical light, do not choose the ceiling, otherwise it will make people feel the ceiling is lower, people are very depressed.

4, the wall is more than set up lockers

If you use large pieces of furniture to meet the storage needs of your daily life, we can make drawer-type storage cabinets by wall, bed, etc., which is not only beautiful, does not take up space, and can accommodate more items.

5, the appropriate mirror design

The mirror is the best way to make a small apartment enlargement. Vertical placement will give the interior a feeling of pulling up. But also pay attention to the number of mirrors, too much will cause people to feel dizzy.


44 square meters small apartment decoration points

1, should not choose a complex shape of the ceiling

Because the space is small, the choice of the ceiling should be small and simple so that it does not give the space a sense of oppression. Of course, you can also choose not to make a ceiling. If you have a small space and make a ceiling, it will make the ceiling look too limited.

2, the ground decoration of the area

The ground area is clearly divided. In the decoration of small houses, many people will use different materials or heights to distinguish them in order to highlight a certain area. In fact, it is easy to cause visual space obstruction and waste.

3, should not choose too large furniture

The selection of furniture for small units should be based on small and practical standards. Too big is not suitable, of course, storage should also be fully considered. When choosing a bed, you can choose a drawer nearby. The choice of wardrobe can be considered smaller and more hierarchical. It is best to plan the size and placement on the drawings beforehand.

4, wall color

Wall color selection should be decorated with high saturation color and solid color, which has a visual extension effect, giving a spacious and bright feeling.

When we decorate a small apartment, we need to consider a lot of details, and how to learn how to decorate the design is the most important. The above is the 44 square meters small apartment decoration skills and decoration points introduced by Xiaobian today. It is over here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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