Five steps to paint the wall with good paint

In the process of decorating the house, the decoration of the house wall has always been a very important link, but now that there are so many paint brands, how should I choose? Now let's take a look at the relevant content of the paint and the five steps of painting the wall with the editor!

What kind of paint is good for painting walls? 1. Dulux

Dulux is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has branches around the world. It is very popular among consumers in China. It is not only one of the top ten paint brands in China, but also an inspection-free product, so their quality and environmental protection are very good. Guaranteed.

What kind of paint is good for painting walls 2. China Resources

Since its establishment, China Resources has a history of nearly 30 years. Its architectural decorative coatings and water-based coatings are the most professional, far surpassing other coating companies and inspection-free products in China. Their products occupy a large part of the market. Sales share.

What kind of paint is good for painting walls 3. Zhuang Dianqi

Zhuang Dianqi is one of the ten well-known paint brands in China. Although their establishment time is not very long, the speed of development cannot be underestimated, and because of their highly cost-effective products and excellent after-sales service, they are deeply consumed by consumers. Trust.

Five steps to paint the wall:

1. Shovel wall skin

When preparing to paint the wall, you should first perform a series of treatments on the wall to clean it up. If you are repainting the old house, you must also remove all the old walls so that it will not affect To the newly made wall.

2. Cover cracks

If there are small cracks on the previous wall, decorative bandages should also be attached before the coating, so that all the cracks can be covered to ensure the firmness of the wall after painting. If the water and wire pipes have been grooved on the wall After being laid, in addition to being sealed with cement, the grooves to be opened must also be attached with special decorative bandages, otherwise these places will be prone to cracks.

3. Brush glue

The one with the decorative bandage must not miss the process of applying glue, otherwise the putty and paint applied to the wall will easily bulge, which will not only affect the appearance of the wall, but also affect the quality.

4. Make a positive angle

The batch of putty is not like the traditional small scraper. Generally, the more standardized companies will use the large scraper to approve the wall, so that the approved wall will be smoother, and it is more time-saving and labor-saving than the small scraper, which can speed up the construction. speed.

5. Fine grinding

After all the walls are painted, the wall should be polished with sandpaper. After polishing, the wall is repaired. Check the wall again for cracks. If there are cracks, it should be repaired and smoothed with putty in time.

Xiaobian Summary: The above is painted on the wall of the small series to share the entire contents of what a good house painter paints and coatings with the five steps. When decorating, we must choose the appropriate paint, so that the wall decoration can achieve a multiplier effect.

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