Reasons for leaking toilet flush valve

In daily life, we will encounter a variety of problems. These problems have caused many people to have headaches. For example, the toilet flush valve leaks. The toilet flush valve leaks. We must first check the cause, and then take some treatments. The editor introduces the reason for the leakage of the toilet flush valve and its treatment method. Let's take a look!

Reasons for leaking toilet flush valve

1. Metal upper guide rod straight drop type sealing water valve

The rod of this flush valve is rigidly connected to the valve. The guide rod of the internal device is connected with the handle pick rod. When we open the rotary handle, the pick rod and the upper guide rod do circular motion, and the diameter of the guide rod The direction of movement is restricted to the guide bracket, so the metal guide rod is stretched and deformed, which causes the guide rod to be stuck on the guide bracket, the valve cannot fall down, and the reset is not correct, and it cannot be sealed and leaks.

2. If the water level of the water tank is high, the float will rise, until the float arm presses the valve plunger into the float valve to close the incoming water flow; if the water cannot be turned off, the excess water will overflow The water pipe flows down.

Treatment method for water leakage of toilet flush valve

1. Raise the floating arm upwards; if the water flow stops, then the floating ball cannot mention a certain height, the valve plunger is pressed into the floating ball valve, this may be due to the friction between the floating ball and the side wall of the tank, if it is In this case, just slightly bend the float arm to make the floating ball leave the side wall of the water tank.

2. If the float is not in contact with the water tank, grab it with a handy float arm, then turn the float counterclockwise, slowly remove it, and then shake the float to see if it enters the water, because too much water will cause The float cannot rise normally, if there is water in it, then throw it out and install it in place; if the float is damaged or corroded, you need to replace it with a new one, such as float There is no one in the ball, so gently bend the floating rod to the lowest position, so that the floating ball prevents new water from entering the water tank.

3. If the above methods are not effective, then you must insist on the water tank ball plug at the valve seat of the flush valve. It may be that the residue in the water prevents the ball plug from moving to the appropriate position, or the ball plug has been decayed and the water is flushed The opening of the water valve leaks into the tank below; close the water shut-off valve of the toilet, and then flush the water to empty the water in the tank. If the water tank ball plug is worn, you need to reinstall one.

Xiaobian Summary: The above is the reason for the red valve on the toilet leaking toilet flush valves and related content leaks processing method, causes, and we flush valve for toilet leaks also have to understand, we want to help, if If you want to know the relevant content, you can pay attention to the information on this website.

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Toilet flush valve

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