Is soundproof cotton useful? What are the characteristics of soundproof cotton

Soundproof cotton is a relatively common soundproof material with good sound insulation effect. Can be made into wall panels, ceilings, can absorb a lot of sound energy in the room, thereby reducing noise. Therefore, the role of soundproof cotton can not be underestimated. Then, the following editor will introduce to you whether the soundproof cotton is useful and what are the characteristics of the soundproof cotton.

Is soundproof cotton useful?

1. The sound insulation cotton currently on the market uses fiber porous sound insulation materials. Its sound insulation principle is because there are a large number of tiny interconnected pores inside the material, so that the external sound waves will penetrate into the material along the pores, thus friction with the material, converting the sound energy into heat energy.

2. The soundproof cotton is composed of many tiny holes, so that external sounds can enter the gap of the soundproof cotton through these holes. The external sound cannot come out once it enters, so it gradually consumes energy in this process, which plays a sound insulation effect.

What are the characteristics of soundproof cotton

1. Large sound insulation: good sound insulation effect, it can reach more than 50 decibels after testing.

2. High sound absorption coefficient: the average sound absorption coefficient can be 0.84.

3. Weather resistance and durability: heat resistance and ultraviolet resistance, will not cause performance degradation due to rainwater temperature changes.

4. The soundproof board is economical: The construction period is short, which can improve work efficiency and save construction costs.

5. Convenient sound insulation board: simple installation and convenient maintenance.

6. Lightweight sound insulation board: light weight, with a mass of about 50 kg per square meter, which reduces the load bearing of elevated light rails and elevated roads.

7. Fireproofing of sound insulation board: good fireproof effect, fireproof grade can reach A grade.

8. Waterproof and dustproof: it will not be affected in dust or rain environment, and it can avoid the accumulation of water inside the components.

Editor's summary: The sound insulation cotton is useful and the characteristics of the sound insulation cotton are introduced here, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more, you can follow the information on this website.

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Is soundproof cotton soundproof cotton useful?

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