How to decorate a new house

As we all know, house prices are particularly high. Even if you can afford a house, it will cost a lot of money for later decoration, so when the funds are not particularly sufficient, you must think about how to save money. So, how to decorate the new house? What are the tips for saving money in the decoration of the new house? Next, the editor will help everyone, hoping to help everyone.

How to decorate the new house

1. Display cabinets are not wallboards

How to decorate the new house? To save costs, you can start from the siding. For some more humid environments, the cabinets will use nail siding to prevent moisture, and the load will be more. However, in a relatively dry environment, there is no water seepage on the wall surface, and no heavy objects are placed, you can save the wall panel of the nail cabinet. This decoration design is both beautiful and cost-effective. use.

2. Domestic products for kitchen equipment

The kitchen is a place for making gourmet food. There are many kitchen utensils and equipment that you need to use. If you want to save money, you can use your kitchen equipment. In fact, for kitchen utensils or ceramic tiles, domestic products are also very good, the decorative effect is also very good, and the practicality is strong, the key is to save money.

3. Use three-sided aluminum window for decoration

For balconies, safety precautions must be taken. In order to save the decoration cost as much as possible, and in order to ensure sufficient safety, three-sided aluminum windows can be used for decoration, together with 5mm thick tempered glass, which is safe and beautiful. Such decoration design saves more money than using latticed aluminum windows.

What are the tips for saving money in new house decoration

1. Calculate the material account

In order to save the cost of decoration, you must understand the building materials market and the prices of materials in some supermarkets. Consult more and let yourself know. Before the new house decoration, the decoration company was asked to list the quotations for the materials needed for the decoration, and the amount of the new house decoration should be estimated to avoid some "cutting corners". Only in this way can we negotiate the price with the decoration company, so as to work out a reasonable budget for the decoration of the new house.

2. Calculate the design account

In order to save design costs, you can design your own. The new house is mainly economical and practical. At most, please ask the designer to draw a picture. However, the decoration of new houses must pay attention to the full and reasonable use of space, and the pursuit of artwork and personalized decoration. Then we must ask a professional designer to design, then the cost of this part can not be saved, otherwise the effect of the later decoration will certainly not be satisfactory .

Summary of the article: The above is the editor's explanation on how to decorate the new house and how to save the new house. Of course, do not ignore the details of the decoration in order to save money, you must be careful, so that the effect of the new house after renovation Will make people more satisfied.

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