How to use the waterproof material in the bathroom

The frequency of water in the bathroom is very high. People need to use the bathroom at least 5-6 times a day. Therefore, everyone will pay special attention to the waterproof treatment of the wall when renovating the bathroom, so as to avoid future problems affecting their normal lives and family members. So do you know what are the waterproof construction steps of the bathroom ? The following editor will tell you about the waterproof construction steps of the bathroom and what kind of waterproof material is used in the bathroom.

1. Toilet waterproof construction steps

1. Before doing toilet waterproofing, first make sure that the bathroom environment is dry and clean. The waterproof coating must be applied to the entire bathroom, there must be no missing areas, and it must be firmly combined with the base layer, and there should be no shedding, bubbles, or cracks. And other phenomena. The thickness of the paint must conform to the standards specified by the product, and the height of the paint must be kept the same.

2. After the first layer of waterproof coating dries out, brush the second layer of waterproof coating, pay attention to the second layer of waterproof coating, you must maintain a certain time interval with the first layer of waterproof coating, can not be too short, otherwise Will affect the waterproof effect, the specific time is determined according to the paint construction requirements.

3. In order not to damage the waterproof layer in the following construction, a protective layer should be coated on the waterproof layer. The protective layer should completely cover the waterproof layer. When the protective layer is applied, there should be no falling off, bubbles and cracks.

4. Finally, do a water-closed test. The water at the highest part of the ground should be lower than 2cm during the process. The test time should be more than 24 hours. When doing the waterproof treatment, don't be careless when you close the water test.

Second, which kind of bathroom waterproof material is good

1. The polyurethane waterproof material has good adhesion, and it is very sticky when applied to the wall. After all, the environment of the bathroom itself is very humid. If the waterproof material used is poor in viscosity, it is easy to leak water during use. However, polyurethane waterproof materials have poor aesthetics, smell, and are not environmentally friendly.

2. Acrylic waterproof material has good extensibility, and has excellent weather resistance and alkali resistance, and it is very convenient to construct, the price is moderate, and it will not affect the aesthetics of the overall space. But no.

3. The anti-shattering materials of polymer cement are non-toxic and odorless, very environmentally friendly, dry quickly after being put on the wall, firmly adhere to the base surface, and have good air permeability, no bulging phenomenon, but the construction is comparative Trouble, you need to put in the right amount of powder and liquid according to the instructions, otherwise it will affect its performance.

4. The waterproof material of cement mortar is truly environmentally friendly, and it dries quickly and the setting time is very short. Generally, the steps of ceramic tile laying can be carried out after two hours of construction. However, this type of waterproof material has little elasticity after film formation, and is suitable for use in places where the structure is stable.

Editor's summary: The above are the related steps of the bathroom waterproof construction steps and what kind of good waterproof material is used in the bathroom. I hope to help everyone. When you decorate the bathroom, you must do waterproof treatment, where necessary, you can carry out mutual treatment.

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