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Analysis and disposal of bearing problems in cement machinery (2)

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-02-06

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Second; focus on the direction of the angular touch bearing device. The angular touch bearing has an elliptical touch area; and receives axial thrust in only one direction. When the bearing is mounted in the opposite direction; because the steel ball is at the edge of the raceway It will have a trough-shaped wear band on the surface of the load. Therefore, the correct device orientation should be emphasized in the installation.
Third; focus on the center. The steel ball wear marks are skewed, not parallel to the direction of the raceway; when the device is marked, the bearing is not centered. If the amount of deflection is >16000; it is easy to cause the bearing temperature to rise and exhibit severe wear and tear. The reason may be that the shaft has a tortuous shape, the shaft or the box body has a burr, and the pressing surface of the lock nut is not straight with the thread axis. Therefore, the device should pay attention to the condition of the jump.
Fourth; should pay attention to the correct cooperation. The inner and outer ring of the bearing has a circumferential wear or discoloration on the touch surface; it is caused by the cooperation of the bearing with its well-matched parts. The oxide of the abrasive attack is a pure brown abrasive. The results will constitute a series of problems such as further wear and tear of the bearing, heat and seizure noise and seizures; therefore, the device should focus on correct cooperation.
Another example is the severe spherical wear track at the bottom of the raceway; this indicates that the bearing clearance has changed due to cooperation too tight. 捎谂ぞ嘣龃蟆(18)岢形露壬壬皇岢怪岢岢 push@投. At this moment; Only need to properly recover the radial gap; reduce the interference can handle this problem.
(5) normal fatigue failure. The appearance of any work (such as raceway or steel ball) presents irregular data drop appearance; and gradually enlarges to increase the amplitude; this is a normal fatigue failure. The life of the bearing can not be satisfied with the demand; only the higher-grade bearings are selected from the beginning; or the first-class bearing standard is improved; to improve the bearing capacity of the bearing.
(6) Lubrication is not appropriate. All rolling bearings require uninterrupted lubrication with high-quality lubricants; to adhere to its depiction function. The bearing relies on a layer of oil film formed on the roll and the seat to avoid metal to metal Straight touch. If the lubrication is outstanding, the friction can be reduced; it will not wear.
The bearing is in working condition; the viscosity of the grease or lubricating oil is the key to ensure its normal lubrication; together; the grease adheres to hygiene; it is also essential to have no solid or liquid impurities. The viscosity of the oil is too low; The effect is that the seat ring wears quickly. At the beginning, the metal of the seat ring and the metal surface of the roll body are directly touched and rubbed, so that the surface is polished to be very lubricated. Then the dry friction occurs. The outer surface of the seat ring is rolled over the external surface. The crushed granules are fractured. At first it can be observed that the appearance is darkened; the tarnish is lost; the dents and flakes are eventually dropped. The compensation method is based on the bearing requirements; the replacement of lubricating oil or grease is selected from the beginning.
When the pollutant particles contaminate the lubricating oil or grease; even if the pollutant particles are smaller than the uniform thickness of the oil film; but because the particles are very hard, the abrasion will still occur; even penetrate the oil film; causing partial stress on the bearing surface, and then significantly shortening the bearing life. The concentration of water in lubricating oil or grease is as small as 0.01%, which is enough to shorten the original life of the bearing. If the water can be dissolved in oil or grease, the service life will increase with the concentration of water. Reduce the shrinkage. The method of compensation is to exchange unclean oil or grease, usually should install a better filter; add a seal; storage, installation, pay attention to sanitary operation.

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