Elm tea table purchase method eucalyptus tea table maintenance knowledge

Nowadays, when people buy furniture, they mainly use solid wood furniture, because the characteristics of solid wood furniture also make many people like it. The solid wood coffee table is also a favorite of many consumers, but when we choose, we find that there are many types of solid wood coffee tables, and the elm tea table is just one of them. So how much do we know about the Elm tea table? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the purchase method and maintenance of the Elm tea table!


Elm tea table selection method

1. Determine whether the furniture is really made of eucalyptus.

A mystery to judge whether the furniture is eucalyptus is: wood grain and knots. For example, if a cabinet door looks like a pattern, then the position of the pattern changes accordingly, and the corresponding pattern is seen on the back of the cabinet door. If the correspondence is good, it is a pure beech cabinet door. Also look at the knot is also a good way to identify pure wood: optimistic about the location of the scar side, and then find the corresponding pattern on the other side.

2. Check the interface.

It is advisable to purchase a dovetail joint or a butterfly joint. Heavier furniture should be screwed with a protective block at the corner and glued. As for the back plate part, it is also necessary to check whether it is set and the screws are attached.

3. Observe the wood for defects.

The main stress-bearing parts of the furniture, such as the column and the load-bearing horizontal strip connecting the column to the ground, should not have large knots or cracks or cracks. The structure is firm, the frame must not be loose, and it is not allowed to break or break the material. The components of the wood-based panels used in the furniture shall be edge-sealed, and the various accessories shall be installed with few pieces, missing nails and nails.

4. Determine what tree species are made of eucalyptus.

This directly affects price and quality. Common beech furniture usually uses eucalyptus, white oak, ash, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, rubber wood, eucalyptus, while the valuable mahogany furniture mainly uses rosewood, wenge, and rosewood. The market for eucalyptus furniture is rather chaotic, and there are often times of shoddy and confusing trees. It is best to buy brand-name products. At the same time, it should be noted that the price of wood is rising day by day, and it is absolutely cheap to be too cheap.


Maintenance method of eucalyptus tea table

1. Insect-proof work of beech furniture. The beech furniture is especially like. When the new beech furniture is bought back, it is best to brush a thin layer of insect-repellent paint, put some mothballs in the beech furniture, or in the room. With some camphor wood furniture. If the disease has already occurred, it is necessary to inject the insecticide water into the wormhole of the beech wood furniture, and apply the insecticide water in the new hot wax.

2, the requirements of the overall humidity and temperature of the beech furniture. The temperature and humidity requirements of the furniture are very harsh, the temperature requirements: 20-30 ° C, humidity requirements: 40% - 50%. Try to keep the temperature and humidity constant. The reason is that the density of eucalyptus furniture is lower than that of real hardwood furniture, which leads to a large increase in the size of eucalyptus furniture caused by dry humidity; in addition, due to the tradition of processing technology and the pursuit of aesthetics of eucalyptus furniture, eucalyptus Most of the furniture is not painted, only a layer of wax is worn, it is easier to crack.

3, the requirements of the position of the beech furniture placed in the furniture should not be placed in the tide or dry places, such as stoves, radiators, basements, etc., to mold or crack. Living in a low-rise bungalow, try to raise the legs of the furniture to a higher level, otherwise the legs will be easily corroded and corroded. Therefore, it is necessary to give the "foot pads" on the legs of the beech furniture as much as possible. Also, try not to put the eucalyptus furniture in the sun, especially to avoid being placed in front of the large glass window facing south. The direct sunlight will cause the furniture to fade and crack.

Many friends like solid wood furniture coffee table, solid wood furniture coffee table has many good advantages, consumers can choose according to their own preferences, the above is Xiaobian today introduced for everyone to choose the method and maintenance of the camphor wood table It’s over. To find out more, stay tuned to the home of the decoration.

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