Shikumen old house renovation steps Shikumen old house decoration misunderstanding

Many people who want to live in the house for a long time will want to renovate the house to meet the needs of the present life. This is the common renovation of the old house in Shikumen. The renovation of the old house in Shikumen is the same as the renovation of the new house. There are also many places to pay attention to. In the early stage of the renovation, it is necessary to plan first, otherwise it will be difficult to rectify in the later period. Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the renovation steps and misunderstandings of the old house in Shikumen !


I. Steps to renovate the old house in Shikumen

1. Acceptance before renovation. Before the upgrade, the situation must be more for a whole house full acceptance, its clear structure, characteristics, and problems-old, measuring the size of the house, detecting the presence of hydropower projects, in order to save time and post-installation repair costs.

2. Design. After the acceptance, we will make a house renovation step for the old house in Shikumen, and determine the parts that need to be demolished, so that the decoration process can be carried out more smoothly. With the prior design, the construction will not be too busy.

3. Demolition. If there is a place to be dismantled at the time of design, pay attention to avoiding the load-bearing part of the wall. For waste, damage, unnecessary doors and windows, walls, and floors, look for professional and reputable decoration companies when dismantling. The demolition is to make the overall space layout more reasonable, the air is more smooth, and it is not allowed to be blindly modified for decoration.

4. Concealed works. Concealed works are mainly hydropower projects. If the hydropower project in the old house of Shikumen is unreasonable or damaged, re-manufacture. Material selection, construction technology, acceptance, etc. can not be sloppy, when re-engineering waterways and circuits, try not to take the bottom line. You can reserve more sockets to prepare for the addition of electrical appliances in the future.

5. Basic engineering. The basic projects include the re-laying of the old walls of Shikumen, the re-laying of the ground, and the waterproofing treatment of kitchen and bathroom. These are all related to the quality of living in the future, and must be done during the renovation to avoid the need for multiple repairs. The intact and undamaged parts of the old house in Shikumen are kept, reducing the harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene in the decoration.


Renovation of the old house in Shikumen is not easy to be caught in the four major mistakes

Many people think that the renovation of the old house in Shikumen is very simple. It is enough to replace the old and unusable things with new ones. The engineering manager of the current decoration told us that this was actually a mistake in the renovation of the old house in Shikumen.

Wall renovation: the wall cannot be demolished. For the wall, many people only know that the load-bearing wall can not be dismantled, but for the non-bearing wall, it is free to dismantle. As everyone knows, in fact, non-bearing walls can not be arbitrarily demolished. In fact, the non-bearing wall is a secondary load-bearing component, but at the same time it is an extremely important support for the load-bearing wall.

Floor refurbishment: not applicable to all floors. Some owners think that when they are renovating the wooden floor, they may find a construction team to polish the worn layer or the damaged part, and then apply the wear-resistant paint or the simple waxing maintenance. In fact, it is not. Not all floors are suitable for renovation. Some floors, such as laminate flooring, cannot be refurbished. When worn or damaged, only new flooring can be replaced, otherwise it will only aggravate the aging of the floor.

Hydropower transformation: not afraid of trouble, change it. Water and circuit transformation is one of the most complicated projects in the renovation of the old house in Shikumen. Many owners think that the water circuit that has been used for so long is not so good when it is refurbished, so it will not be changed. Wrong, the water circuit is about the safety of a home. In this regard, it cannot be solved as simple as it should be. Before the renovation, carefully check and rectify according to different situations.

Door and window renovation: home eyes should be carefully changed. As the saying goes, "doors and windows are like the eyes of the home." Many owners do not change doors and windows in order to save money. However, in the end, it did not save much money. After all, the hidden dangers of doors and windows are not so easily visible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is still necessary to have a regular decoration team to check and then make a decision.

If your home is thinking about the renovation of the old house in Shikumen, study it carefully to create a warm and comprehensive house. The above is the small building of the Shikumen old house renovation steps and misunderstandings that are introduced to you today. I want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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