How to layout the computer room decoration? Anti-static treatment of computer room decoration

Under normal circumstances, we only have a learning attitude that we are interested in and what we must use. For a simple example, how to decorate your own home must be clear, but when it comes to how to decorate a motor room, It is estimated that few people know that we have less contact with this kind of work at work. Today, we think of the decoration of the computer room as a little knowledge, let Xiaobian come to tell you.


First, how to layout the computer room decoration

1. Crossing of signal cable and power cable

The decoration of the equipment room should be in accordance with the relevant standards, pay attention to the interval of the civil construction to comply with the parallel cable blocking interval of not less than 50 ~ 60cm, pay attention to the shaft when passing the floor, try to adhere to the distance, to avoid the power line to disturb the communication transmission. In the computer room, station area communication, power line intensive wells, cable houses, you should pay attention to the layout of the surrounding and the path.

2, the fire of the machine room

The decoration of the equipment room should be considered in the fire rescue plan of the engine room. According to the fire protection level, the plan of the machine room should be determined. The first need is to have conventional fire hydrants, fire exits, etc., and install smoke and temperature detection devices according to the room area and equipment distribution. Active alarm bells and lights, active/manual rescue equipment and equipment. The engine room fire alarm needs to have a duty room or monitoring point on the first floor.

3. Lightning protection built in the engine room

Since the room decoration room communications and power cables and more into the room from outside, prone to lightning attack, the engine room of the construction of the mine plan is important, but ignore this construction plan, the construction of the engine room of mine often in addition to the usual station area should be effective In addition to the safety of the ground protection and construction itself, it should also lay a good foundation for the lightning protection and grounding of the equipment. The mechanical and electrical engineering mostly uses the joint grounding method. The grounding of the system equipment is connected with the construction ground.


Second, the machine room decoration anti-static treatment

1. The power supply used in computer equipment, the ground wire must be well grounded. A three-hole power outlet is recommended. Of course, the power cord must also be three-pin. Some friends use a wire to connect the exterior of the chassis to the ground or the water pipe. This method does not achieve good results. If there is no grounding equipment, when we need to touch the board with your hand, be sure to touch the tap water pipe or the wet floor with your hand to release the static electricity carried by your body, so as to avoid the body's discharge of the board when touching the board. Causes damage to the board.

2. For the safety of computer equipment, when using the computer collectively for other units with conditions, it is necessary to lay anti-static floor or anti-static floor mat in the computer classroom. You can not use ordinary chemical fiber carpet, so it is effective to prevent static electricity. produced.

Third, the machine room decoration sound insulation material selection

Sound insulation materials are glass wool, rock wool, polyester fiber sound absorbing cotton, glass wool and rock wool are prone to respiratory allergies. It is not recommended. Polyester fiber sound absorbing cotton has better sound absorption effect for medium and high frequency, and poor absorption for low frequency sound. . Gradient sound-absorbing cotton in polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton is good, low-frequency, medium-frequency, high-frequency sound absorption effect is good, sound absorption effect.

The above brings you the layout explanation of the computer room decoration, anti-static treatment and the choice of materials. I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the equipment room decoration, and will not be deceived by the construction team during the decoration. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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