Renovation of interior walls, interior wall renovation considerations

We have a lot of people who just want to do the renovation of the interior wall when decorating the house. So everyone knows what kind of decoration method steps are there for this interior wall renovation? What else do we need to pay attention to when doing interior wall renovation? Then our decoration home network knows that all of our friends need this knowledge, so let us decorate the home network to tell you about the steps of this interior wall renovation to introduce them one by one.


First, the internal wall renovation method steps

1. How to clean the wall:

Water on the wall: Wet the original wall and save effort when shovel.

Shovel wall skin: Remove the part of the original wall that has been flooded until the cement mortar wall or putty layer is exposed.

2, grassroots processing

It generally includes the removal of the original latex paint and putty layer on the wall, the wood decoration, and the removal of other surface decorations (such as wallpaper). If the wall is only renovated for one or two years, the water-resistant putty of the wall can be completely removed without being completely removed. After the wall is polished with steel brush and sandpaper, the latex paint can be repainted. If the decoration time is long, the putty layer should be completely removed, and the putty should be brushed again for other processes.

3, the wall is polished

Before painting the wall, you can use the imported dust-free grinding machine to grind the wall to ensure no dust during the grinding process, and the efficiency is high, pay attention to smoothing.

4, paint construction

According to the established plan to repair the wall surface problem, you can use environmentally friendly paints such as high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly fresh breath net taste wall paint and net taste mildew wall paint to reduce the formaldehyde hazard in the decoration and create a healthy life. You can also shorten your time and stay in your new home.

5, partial repair

After the painting is completed, the wall surface is partially repaired as a whole to ensure the color of the wall surface is consistent, and problems such as chromatic aberration are avoided.


Second, the considerations for interior wall renovation

1. Renovation of wall peeling When the problem of the wall is not serious, we can choose the partial old wall renovation, firstly polish the partial surface that needs to be refurbished, so that the whole is kept smooth, then use putty to use it. Fill in the flat and finally repaint the cracked and peeled wall. When painting, you need to pay attention to the coloring of the wall paint to avoid obvious chromatic aberration on the wall after painting.

2. When the mold wall is mildewed and the mold is small, it can be treated with a rag and bleach to remove the mold and then dry. However, when the wall has a large mold, it needs the moldy part. Remove it and sand the surface with a sandpaper before repainting.

3, the overall renovation of the wall after the long-term residence of the wall after the overall fading and large-scale cracking, spalling and other issues, it is necessary to timely carry out the entire old wall renovation, in the old wall renovation process needs to strictly guard the renovation of the four "Qu", that is, first remove the surface, then the base layer treatment, moisture treatment, and finally paint again.

4, the old wall renovation considerations If the old wall renovation occurs five years after the initial renovation, then the putty must be removed and repainted. Because the putty material has begun to age after five years of use, in addition, the repair of the old wall renovation needs to be as comprehensive as possible, and the larger the area repair, the more the indoor color difference can be avoided.

The above content of the article that everyone is reading is the introduction of how to do these interior wall renovations for our decoration home network Xiaobian. Our small series introduces some renovation method steps of interior wall renovation, and introduces Some precautions when renovating the interior wall, everyone continues to pay attention to the decoration home network, there will be a lot of decorative information.

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