[Q&A] What is the difference between antistatic clothing A grade and B grade?

The national standard GB12158-2006 "General Guidance for Preventing Electrostatic Accidents" Clause 6.5.1 states that: When the level of a dangerous place for gas explosion belongs to Zone 0 and Zone 1, and the minimum ignition energy of combustibles is below 0.25mJ, the staff Need to wear anti-static shoes, anti-static clothing. Anti-static clothing is divided into A grade and B grade, which areas wear A-level anti-static clothing, which areas wear B-level anti-static clothing, A-level anti-static clothing and B-level anti-static clothing What are the differences, the following by Xiao Bian simple For everyone to answer.

First, different application areas

Class A anti-static clothing is suitable for places with a minimum ignition energy of less than 0.1mJ; for example, in the oil and gas industry, high gas coal mines, gas industry and other fields, these places must wear Class A anti-static clothing with very high static electricity requirements.

Class B anti-static clothing is suitable for electrostatic hazards with a minimum ignition energy above 0.1mJ, or for industries that are sensitive to static electricity, such as the electronics industry, optical instruments, microbiology engineering, precision instruments and other anti-static workshops and dust-free workshops.

Second, different washing resistance

The wash time of class A antistatic clothing is more than 33.0 h, and the wash time of class B antistatic clothing is 16.0 h or more.

Third, different conductive properties.

Class A anti-static clothing has better electrical conductivity, while class B anti-static clothing has worse electrical conductivity than class A.

The above gives you a brief introduction of the difference between Class A and Class B anti-static clothing. The anti-static clothing is a wide range of applications, a large number of protective products, a variety of materials, a variety of anti-static clothing, a reasonable choice of anti-static clothing, It can not only play a protective role but also does not waste resources.


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