What are the advantages of the wooden structure sun room? The function of the wooden structure sun room

Everyone must have seen the sun room, some are built to expand the home space, some are for better lighting, planting some vegetables or something. There are many types of sun room, there are many kinds. We usually have a glass sun room and a wooden structure sun room. Compared with the former, the wooden structure sun room is better. Why do you say this? Let the small piece carry Let's take a closer look at it.


First, what are the advantages of the wooden structure sun room?

1. The wooden structure sun room is highly fireproof, because the common wood has great flammability. If it is used in the structure of the sun room, then for the sake of safety, the wood structure sun room wood has been extensively studied. The fire rating and specifications of the material are strictly required, so it is safe for the residents and neighbours.

2. Wood structure sun room safety: The wood structure has good ductility for instantaneous impact load and periodic fatigue damage. The process of destruction is a gradual yielding process. When the house sways in the earthquake, the wood structure can still maintain the stability and integrity of the structure. In the Kobe earthquake and the recent earthquake in Taiwan, the timber-framed houses barely collapsed. Many of the casualties in the earthquake were due to heavy concrete ceilings or floors. It collapses and kills people, but the wooden ceiling or floor is much lighter and less prone to collapse, resulting in less damage.

3, wood structure sun room flexibility: the construction period of wooden structure houses is only 1/2 to 1/4 of the same type of brick-concrete structure, and the form is diverse, the layout is flexible, can provide users with more room types and even tailor-made .

Second, the function of the wooden structure sun room

1. The function of leisure health, if you have a large housing area, it is a villa type building. Your wooden structure sun room is mainly used for winter leisure, fitness, flower cultivation, etc. It is advisable to choose the whole mobile sun room where the roof can be moved open. Such a sun room will not have the problem of poor lighting in the sun room of the thermal insulation board and high indoor temperature in the sun room of the fixed lighting roof.

2, the function of expanding the housing area, if you are because the housing area is small, in order to expand the living space, the built-in wooden structure sun room privacy requirements high economic level is low, you can choose insulation board roof, plastic steel window plus insulation wall for peripheral maintenance Class products. Although these products are not strictly sun room, they are low in price and economical. The disadvantage is poor lighting and ventilation. If you open the sunroof, there will be a big improvement.

3, planting flowers and plants to build a sun room, if you build a sun room mainly for winter planting flowers and grasses, it is required that the wooden structure sun room has better ventilation, appropriate sunshine, should use plastic steel window for peripheral maintenance, glass roof and open Sun room with large skylights. Such sunrooms are cheaper, but sunscreens are required for higher indoor temperatures in summer.


Third, the wooden structure sun room style selection

1, Victorian wood structure sun room design style, it is a classic shape of the sun room, this type of sun room is mainly in the style of the British Victorian court building style. Different rectangular or trapezoidal bevels are set up by a wooden frame structure and then decorated with exaggerated decorations at the top.

2, Mediterranean-style wooden structure sun room, this style will always make people have a great association. Today's wood-framed sun room design also draws on the essence of Mediterranean architecture. The erect support frame and the sloping flat top are more incomparably simple and have an affinity for the integration of heaven, earth and people.

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian above, I was also interested in this kind of building. Indeed, the advantages of this kind of building are too many. It is said that it is not too warm in winter and cool in summer. Learn more quickly, and then expand your home. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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