"Diamond and Abrasives Engineering" magazine won the first-grade journal of Henan Province

According to the "Regulations on the Management of Periodical Publications" of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the "Comprehensive Measures for the Quality of Publication of Newspapers and Periodicals", Henan Provincial Press, Publication and Radio and Television Bureau organized the comprehensive quality inspection of the 5th Natural Science Journal. Thirty-six experts from Henan Province conducted comprehensive quality tests on 131 social science journals and 101 natural science journals in the province. Recently, the test results were released. The magazine "Diamond and Abrasives Engineering" was awarded a first-level journal, which was presented by the Henan Press, Publication and Broadcasting Bureau. I. Test Content Detection According to the content of the participating journals, the test is divided into 8 categories, of which the natural science journals are divided into 3 categories (integrated guidance, academic and technical). Randomly check the publications published in the second quarter of 2017, and conduct quantitative tests according to items such as “political quality”, “comprehensive business quality” and “quality according to law” to ensure that the entire testing science is rigorous, objective and fair.
Second, the testing procedures This test hired 36 experts in the industry as a judge, there are 12 review teams, respectively, responsible for the participating journals. The tests shall be conducted in accordance with procedures such as the preliminary review of the judges, the re-evaluation of the panel, and the review of the conference. The whole testing procedure is scientific and rigorous, objective and fair, and faithfully reflects the level of publication of each journal. III. Test Results A total of 64 first-level journals were selected in the fifth comprehensive self-scientific quality test. The Henan Provincial Press and Publication Bureau has published a report on the journals that have won the honor of “First-Class Journals” and recommended that their competent departments and sponsors reward the journals and related personnel. At the same time, we hope to obtain the honors of the journals that have been commended, and make persistent efforts to innovate and strive to push the journal publishing work in Henan Province to a new level. The "Diamond and Abrasives Engineering" was selected into the fifth-level journal of the comprehensive quality inspection of natural science journals. It is the full affirmation and encouragement of the editorial work of the magazine by the Henan Provincial Press and Publication Bureau. The editors will continue to adhere to the correct political direction and the concept of running a magazine, never relax the requirements for quality, and strive to create the best information publishing platform for diamond and super-hard materials, and make what we should have for the leap-forward development of the industry. contribution!

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